PS5: Sony planning for people to buy twice as many consoles as PS4 because of coronavirus, reports claim

Sony has increased production on its upcoming PlayStation 5 console in preparation for the device’s launch.

According to reports from Japan, Sony is boosting the number of consoles made by at least 50 percent. Nikkei reports that orders for the console have been increased from six million to around nine million, according to sources. Bloomberg Japan reports that number will reach 10 million by the end of the year.

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason for increased production: as more people remain indoors, which will likely extend until the end of the year, Sony says it expects to see an increase in demand for the next-generation console.

If Sony manages to sell that many consoles, it would put the PlayStation 5 in more homes than the PlayStation 4. Over 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles had been sold by the 28 December 2013 – an impressive feat as the console was launched in November that year.

However, while Sony may be able to produce vast quantities of the new console, it remains unclear whether they will all be shipped before the end of the year.

This seems to go against previous reports that said Sony expects the PlayStation 5 to be less popular as the previous generation because of his high price, which has yet to be revealed. The Independent has reached out to Sony for clarification.

Bloomberg reports that potential delays might be in line for future owners, due to the fact that a large proportion of Sony’s consoles are built in China and sent overseas.

This trip can take months and can make it difficult for consoles to remain in stock. It is an issue that has been faced by Nintendo and its sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the Switch game console.

“We may be affected if there continue to be issues involving the procurement of necessary components,” Nintendo warned, with supply chain issues also reportedly hitting the production of its Joy Con controllers.

Although shipping could be a challenge, the manufacturer of game consoles should not be difficult for Sony. The Japanese video game giant has been using a robot army to build a new PlayStation 4 console every 30 seconds, and although it is yet to be confirmed, it is likely a similar level of automation would be used for its new console.

Reports suggest the PlayStation 5 will launch for around $550 (approximately £450), and the company has said it will arrive “Holiday 2020”


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