QR-Menu for Restaurants for Smooth Reopening After Covid-19

QR-Menu for Restaurants for Smooth Reopening After Covid-19

With the economic and technological changes observed in the world during the covid-19 situation, one more aspect added to buying and selling goods is safety. Before the covid-19 situation, the quality of goods, multiple payment options, and competitive price were the most important parameters involved in a business. However, today, people make sure that the payment options get paperless. With restaurants opening up post-Covid-19 situation, the paperless factor is brought in by iWallet with its QR menu for restaurants.

The iWallet Free QR menu has been quite promising for restaurants reopening after covid-19. The customers will be more cautious after pandemic and get a menu directly to their mobile phone, just by scanning a QR code. It will keep them at peace, knowing the process is contactless. This is a great way to imbibe faith in the customers and help them get through the virus’s fear while opting for the service offered by vendors. In turn, the business will increase, and the economy will get the required boost.

The Vendors Love the Make of QR Menu Options From iWallet

iWallet offers vendors an opportunity to create an e-menu from their paper menu. All they need to do is upload the paper menu in PDF or JPEG format, and the app provider will send the Free QR menu back to them. The process is easy and cost-free. The ease of checking the menu on mobile and the safety norms attached to the process aids the customer trust the vendor. The QR menu has already been a big hit in several countries, including Italy. The country has opened up its restaurant service after the pandemic, and the QR menu has been tried their great yielding response. Other counties, including New Orleans, Oregon, Las Vegas, and more, have opted to replace the paper menu with the QR menu, and they are quite happy with it. The iWallet QR menu option promises to provide a similar outcome, too, where the QR code brings the whole menu in the mobile phone, converting it into a link.

The possibility of contamination decreases to several folds with the QR menu by iWallet, considering the staff and the customers follow the other safety guidelines. Not only iWallet allow the customer to check the services offered on their mobile, but it also allows them to pay the bill using ACH, Automatic Clearing House fund transfer system. Waiving off the processing fee both in the part of the vendor as well as the customer promotes a drop in the cost of products and services. iWallet has also launched the process of paying through credit card, but in that case, the processing fee is paid by the customers.

The ACH Payment Method and Its Implication

The ACH payment system is a boon for small and medium scale retailers and businesses. There is no charge levied on the customer as well as the seller. So, the prices of the goods are justified. To make the payment, all that the customer needs to do is to scan the QR code and pay the amount. You don’t need to remember carrying a card or cash when you are out for shopping. Merchants that use the ACH payment method by iWallet will help you shop at your heart’s content, and the process will be completely paperless. 

The offer to Make a QR menu for restaurants is a step ahead in this venture. So, not only you make a contactless transaction with the payment process, but also with the menu.

The Pros of Using QR Menu for Restaurants

  • The menu is made by iWallet for restaurants and salons free of cost, and the process is relatively easy. 
  • It is a completely paperless and no contact menu. The customer needs to point at the QR code with their phone camera and click. The menu will be presented on their mobile phone.
  • The free QR menu can be changed or updated from time to time, depending on the availability of the restaurants and salons’ products and services.

The Cons of Using QR Menu

  • The only downside of the iWallet QR menu is that not every restaurant in the state is currently aware of the option and not taking advantage of the service. So, the customers may need to check  check the merchants registered with the company. 

To conclude, the restaurant’s QR menu is the most futuristic way of delivering a menu to the customer in the context of the pandemic. As more vendors adopt the iWallet QR menu system, opening up businesses will become easy.

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