Queens' College Cambridge launches ETF portfolio

The portfolio was designed by ElstonETF and will be managed by Queens' College

The portfolio was designed by ElstonETF and will be managed by Queens’ College

Queens’ College Cambridge has launched a self-managed portfolio constructed using solely sector ETFs as part of a wider divestment strategy.

The ETF portfolio will exclude extractive and carbon-intensive industries in response to concerns expressed by the divestment lobby.

Built entirely from State Street ETFs, the portfolio was designed by specialist consultant ElstonETF and will be managed by the college, sitting in its global equity allocation.

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Jonathan Spence, bursar for Queens’ College Cambridge, said: “This is part of our continued drive to address divestment considerations in an intelligent way without compromising on investment returns or diversification considerations.”

Henry Cobbe, head of research at ElstonETF, said: “Our custom ETF portfolios can be designed to enable a targeted approach to delivering on investment objectives subject to relevant constraints and preferences.”

Edward Malcolm, head of wealth for State Street ETFs, said: “Using sector ETFs, as ElstonETF have done for Queens’ College, to design a custom ETF portfolio that includes and excludes certain sectors to create a bespoke exposure, is an example of how sector ETFs are moving from satellite to core allocations. We are delighted to see our sector ETFs being used in this innovative way.”


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