Rako Security Label integrates NFC tech into gin bottle –

Thorsten Wischnewski, head of RFID, Rako Security Label told BeverageDaily it can provide all kinds of intelligent features in one label.

Omni-channel success

It produces material for RFID, it has the integration, converting facilities and assembly of features where it can connect everything remotely.

In the past winning on the shelf was key but today with the omni-channel a lot of products are bought online and communication is essential. Consumers want to know they are buying an original product,​” he said.

One of the company’s latest highlights is a customer who opted for a NFC paper hang tag with a rubber band around a bottle of gin.

The goal for the client was to engage future consumers and build a deeper connection to the gin brand.

By taping the hang tag with a smartphone, customers are able to find out information about the historic name adorning the label, the gin flavour profile, production methods, conservation work and more.

Wischnewski said instead of using an extra paperhang tag, it is also possible to integrate the NFC label into the bottle using its cloud Label Intelligence Platform (LIP) to get analytics and feedback from consumers.


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