We’re about one month away from Apple’s next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 11.

But based on all of the reports, rumors, and images out there, the iPhone 11 doesn’t look much different from the iPhone XS, which was hardly any different from the year-prior iPhone X.

In short, the iPhone has gotten boring. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t cooking up something vastly more exciting.

According to rumors and reports dating back to 2015, Apple has assembled a massive team to design and build a pair of smart glasses, capable of augmented reality (AR) experiences — where you can see virtual or digital images laid on top of the real world. Apple has been investing in AR over the last several years: In 2017, it announced a toolset for app developers called ARKit, and Apple has continued building on that framework since then.

We’ve heard a lot about Apple’s rumored smart glasses — like how it will run on a new “reality operating system” called “rOS,” how it will be powered by Apple’s A-series chips and leverage the computing and networking of the iPhone to keep the glasses lightweight — but what does this all mean? And why should you care?

Here are 7 reasons why you should be super excited about the potential of Apple Glasses.


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