Residents of tiny, spread-out Ryder Lake plead for high-speed access to internet – Vancouver Sun

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Telus, for one, serves Ryder Lake with wireless from a local cell tower and high-speed internet access over copper, a spokeswoman said.

“In 2017, Telus invested $55 million to connect homes and businesses in Chilliwack to our gigabit-enabled PureFibre network,” she said via email. “In 2018, we engaged (Ryder Lake) … to explore the possibility of a fibre build which ultimately was determined not to be feasible for the community or Telus.”

The company is committed to working with government and the community to explore options to enhance connectivity in this area, she said.

Ryder Lake, the community’s namesake, is on private land and is actually inaccessible. You can just catch a peek of it through the trees from one spot on the road that also bears its name. The community, a collection of farms and acreages, itself sits at the foot of and up the side of Mt. Thom.

The 1,500 or so residents who live there knew what they were getting service-wise when they bought, Harrington said.

“We understand we’re a rural community,” he said. “When I moved here I absolutely knew that, I think everybody was prepared for that.

“But nobody knew that COVID was coming and nobody knew what the impact of that would be.”


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