Rethinking How Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipment Can be Used with the Help of Robots

Rethinking How Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipment Can be Used with the Help of Robots

Medical equipment manufacturers have made enormous strides in developing and optimizing hardware that saves lives everyday. Their equipment is the cornerstone of hospitals and their ICUs. Over time, much of this equipment has become smaller and smarter. However, their applications are still limited because this equipment is stationary. It is harder to set up an ICU and move all of the necessary equipment on short notice. This is part of the reason why many hospitals struggle when there is a surge of serious COVID cases. It’s a serious and multifaceted issue, but one that is uniquely solvable with modern technology.

You don’t need for ICUs and other medical equipment to be stationary. Most of this equipment already has the necessary functionality to be hooked up to a mobile platform. All that’s missing is a robot that will make this equipment mobile and versatile.

A new robot called the Travelmate RNA, which stands for RoboticNurseAssistant, aims to fulfill this purpose. It is a robotic platform built to be modular and so that medical equipment can be attached to said robot. They are working with these manufacturers to integrate their equipment into this robot.

This medical assistant robot will allow for much greater flexibility, not only in hospital settings, but also in people’s homes or in other non standard areas. This will broaden the scenarios in which medical equipment can be used, as they are no longer stationary and can be taken to any place at a moments notice, owing to this robot.

This fundamentally changes the medical industry, because it allows for a new service to be used. Medical equipment now has applications that are much broader, because they are mobile and can follow the patient wherever they go. It means that a near-future healthy everyday lifestyle will include robots with various medical equipment that will monitor their user and make sure that they’re healthy.

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Author: John Philips

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