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Retirement and me: Couple on how they boost income by £20 a day on top of their pension

“Having rediscovered our love of dogs but not wanting one of our own, we realised that as homesitters we could travel the UK, stay in nice places and looking after other people’s dogs,” she adds.

Since joining in August last year, the pair have travelled all over the UK, and looked after 12 dogs, three cats, three donkeys, and a lake full of wildfowl.

If they are looking after pets as part of the homesit, through Homesitters Ltd, the couple earn around £20 a day – on top of a daily food allowance of £8.60 per day and return travel costs.

“We really enjoy the variety of life as homesitters, we’ve stayed in some beautiful homes in gorgeous locations and there’s always something different to do,” Anita says.

“We have our RAF pensions which we can live on quite comfortably, but our earnings from homesitting mean we can enjoy life just that little bit more.”

She adds: “We homesit for enjoyment and to see parts of the country we wouldn’t normally.


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