Retro electric Peugeot e-Legend could redefine motoring as we know it

THE future is a bonkers and ever more uncertain place.

But forget that for a few minutes and take in Peugeot’s optimistic vision of what we really want to end up driving.

 Peugeot's retro concept car really captured the imagination


Peugeot’s retro concept car really captured the imaginationCredit: Stan Papior

Tesla has shot a roadster into space and Lotus is preparing to launch a supersonic hypercar.

But Peugeot has gone back to the future with its electric e-Legend concept, part autonomous, part driver’s car, yet also a nod to the French firm’s heritage in suave coupes.

It created such a buzz at the Paris Motor Show that thousands of admirers have signed a petition begging Peugeot to make it a reality.

But even half a million signatures won’t do it, according to Peugeot brand strategist Philippe-Emmanuel Jean, who says we just can’t have it. Grrrr.

 An interior has a futuristic steering wheel ad dashboard and a retro colour scheme


An interior has a futuristic steering wheel ad dashboard and a retro colour schemeCredit: Stan Papior

He adds: “We always knew we were on to something huge but the response we have received is stronger than even we expected.”

The e-Legend is based on the styling of the cool 504 Coupe designed by Pininfarina.

Philippe said: “The 504 has all of Peugeot’s DNA — pleasure of driving, sexiness and it’s a coupe, of course. With the e-Legend we want to show electric cars can be sexy and attractive.

 The Sun was granted exclusive access to the E-Legend


The Sun was granted exclusive access to the E-LegendCredit: Stan Papior

“The fact we’ve been celebrating the 504’s 50th anniversary at the completion of the e-Legend is simply the cherry on the top.”

That’s the big win.

Peugeot, Ford and others can fuse their heritage into an electric future. Tesla and the torrent of Chinese EV start-ups can only dream about that.

Touching a sensor on the corner of the window, the huge automated door swings gently open to reveal a vast cabin space with more glass (how very retro) and natural light than in any coupe on the road today.

 The electric Peugeot e-Legend alongside the original Peugeot 504 Coupe


The electric Peugeot e-Legend alongside the original Peugeot 504 CoupeCredit: Stan Papior

The floor, roof and door trim are decked in smooth, matte-finished, exotic walnut and the seats are swathed in crushed blue velvet.

A 49in, super-HD widescreen spans the entire footwell. Extra space comes from the complete lack of engine.

It doesn’t end there, as the 4K display stretches to encompass the door skins. Even the sun visors are equipped with pin-sharp video screens for all your social feed needs.

Sitting behind the Buck Rogers-style steering wheel, this 450hp European muscle-EV has two driving modes, Boost and Legend.

These are the only two physical buttons in the car and the only interactivity on the wheel.

 Recline in the back seat of the E-Legend


Recline in the back seat of the E-LegendCredit: Stan Papior

Performance aside, the modes are emphasised by the configuration of three retro pop-up dials in front of you.

But when you have had enough of the past — and all that actual driving malarkey — press the icon on the touchscreen centre console and party mode activates.

The sound-bar dashboard rises up, the pedals hide themselves and the steering wheel tucks itself away to the sound of a superbly sci-fi whirr.

This leaves a freakishly cavernous space before you and the subsequent option of two modes to chose from as the car pilots itself in 100 per cent autonomous mode.

 It is uncertain whether the E-Legend will ever be hitting our streets


It is uncertain whether the E-Legend will ever be hitting our streetsCredit: Stan Papior

Sharp mode allows full connectivity so you can work, navigate, Instatweetbook or play an appropriately retro game of Pong.

Soft mode dials everything down for a cinematic atmosphere to make the most of that super-widescreen so you can watch movies as you are transported effortlessly to your destination.

Blending the retro aesthetic with this future-proof technologies generates a strong emotional response, whether you are aware of the original inspiration or not.

And that is something sorely lacking with the majority of electrified cars.

If you want to really get people wanting electric cars, this is how you do it.

So come on, Peugeot. If you build it, they will come.

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Reader’s car of the week

 Do you have a unique car which is deserving of our attention?


Do you have a unique car which is deserving of our attention?

THIS corking slice of Americana is a 1972 Pontiac Firebird. It belongs to reader Michael Faraday-Drake, who tells me: “I bought it in 1975.

“It has a WM-code 455-cubic inch high-output V8 engine, with a four-speed Muncie gearbox and a 4.10 rear axle.

“They made just 468 of these manual cars in 1972 due to a factory strike. Over the years, it has been completely rebuilt and painted.

“You don’t need a stereo. Just listen to the exhausts of the 7.5-litre engine!”

As the Yanks used to say: “There ain’t no replacement for displacement!”

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Peugeot reveals a future classic with the incredible e-Legend concept car


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