Returning Products on John Lewis and Zara

Returning Products on John Lewis and Zara

John Lewis: The Brand

John Lewis is a highly reputed clothing and other essential items. It has acquired a strong foot all through Great Britain and also in part of Australia and the Republic of Ireland. It has been running successfully since 1864 when it was first opened at Oxford Street. It has around 42 openings in entire Great Britain. It sells fantastic clothes for both men and women. Apart from that it also sells many home essentials like electronic goods, garden essentials, furniture, and light goods. It is a great brand and sells everything of good quality. Customers of this brand do not always have complaints.

Considering the fact that it is a very classy brand, it also has many customer-friendly provisions. Usually whatever this brand sells are of good quality hence, if by chance someone does not like something purchased from this brand then it is not a tough task to return it. John lewis returns policy is super smooth. Most brands that are of high status make such processes very easy and very customer inclined.

How to Return Products at John Lewis?

The John lewis return policy makes sure to provide you with the easiest and fastest procedure to return something that you have bought from their stores. But of course, the brand does have some strict rules which the customer must abide by to before returning an item. Firstly, the item should not be tampered with at all before returning. The product cannot afford to be dirty. Obviously, any company would demand to have back their product only if they have not tampered.

Also, they will not take back a product if it has personal information punched in. Therefore, take special care of whatever the products.  Most importantly, properly keep the receipt of the purchase. If you do not have it, then they are not going to take back the product. Now, if you want to return their product, pack the product properly. You can return it in two ways. Firstly, you can opt for returning it to any of the 51 outlets in Great Britain except for Heathrow. They are going to accept it at all of its centres.

Moreover, you can even return it via courier through Royal Mail, Hermes, and collect plus. In case, if you are returning something that is very bulky, then you can opt for home collection services. They will come and inspect your product. Once it gets verified, they are going to take it away. When it comes to refund, you can latest apply within 35 days of purchase. John Lewis’s return policy tries to provide you a refund within 14 days.

Zara: The Brand

Zara is one of those brands that have achieved a big name almost around the world. It is highly famous for its bother classy and high fashion outfits. In fact, the quality of the clothes from Zara are really worth to wear. This Spanish brand that first began as “Galicia “in 1975 now manufactures, produces, distributes, and sells its products all on its own. It is counted in the world’s most top brands. It sells not only clothing but also footwear, swimmer wear, perfumes, beauty products, and other accessories.

Obviously is Zara being quite a reputed brand, it must also have great customer-friendly provisions to return their products if they do not like it. They have made it way easier for their customers to use these options. Like any other brand, Zara returns also has certain policies that the customers should follow.

How to Return Products at Zara?

Firstly, customers can only return the product within 30 days of receiving it. If you want to return a certain product, you can do it in two ways. Firstly, go to the nearest Zara store and return it. Remember, you cannot facilitate this exchange outside your country. Moreover, you can exchange it by using the “Zara App”.

No matter in any case but do keep the receipt of the product with you safely. After your “return” request gets accepted, you will receive an email id and a return label. On receiving it, you can return it to the nearest drop point. No matter what, it is very important while returning. Remember, you cannot tamper with your clothes in any way before returning it. Only in a few cases, you get to return the undergarments, due to certain hygienic reasons.

Apart from these, cosmetics and other accessories must be properly packed before returning. You will receive your refund by the mode through which you had purchased your product. You are likely to receive it once your return request gets processed.


Thus, good brands like the above Zara and John Lewis are very customer-friendly and provide smooth customer service experiences to their customers. In these cases, you are likely to receive your refund to the earliest without much trouble!

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