Ringover Launches Its Indirect Sales Channel to Accelerate Growth in the UK

Ringover Launches Its Indirect Sales Channel to Accelerate Growth in the UK

Ringover, the leading SaaS software publisher in the UK, is evolving its commercial strategy aimed at turning to indirect sales to grow the ever-growing market share in Belgium, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Ringover’s strong technical capabilities as a leading telecom operator allow it to design the best cloud telephony solution. This allows clients to make unlimited calls from CRMs, from any device, on up to 110 destinations.

The corporation is looking to start new relationships with leading distributors, integrators, resellers, and telephony specialists throughout the UK to increase its market share. There is never a better time for Ringover to seek new partners to form a part of its long-term success while growing its UK customer base.

As a reseller or distributor, when you team up with Ringover, you will enjoy the unique benefits of this solution. Our customers now have the opportunity to integrate their CRM and other helpdesk tools with advanced video conferencing and call centre features. The corporation’s partners allow clients to enhance their digital capabilities and offer customers more value than ever.

The telephony publisher has established itself as a leader and is focused on building a network of local partners in the country. Ringover’s primary objective is to guarantee the success of the distribution process of this new product on a large scale.

Thanks to the telephony’s team led by Thomas Clotteau, we have launched the indirect sales channel to accelerate growth successfully in the country. Furthermore, the corporation has established itself as a bespoke partner portal that allows partners to bolster its market quickly.

The portal also features guides, videos and tutorials, and test accounts. Moreover, clients can track orders and invoices. This makes it a fantastic platform for removing most of the heavy lifting, allowing distributors and resellers to sell the Ringover product quickly.

Thomas Clotteau, the Commercial Director of Ringover, states, “We are happy to launch our indirect sales channel, which requires in-depth work to establish the necessary resources that will guarantee the success of our new commercial strategy. Our partners will have access to a real growth driver in a dynamic market where the integration of telecoms with IT is now a necessity to thrive in a changing environment.”

The Telephony SaaS software publisher’s focus is to build a strong network of 100 partners across the United Kingdom in one year. Ringover favours companies with solid expertise in the telecoms industry and collaborative cloud solutions.

Together, Ringover helps you diversify your product portfolio with an ever-growing, market-leading SaaS product that may disrupt business growth. The redesigned Ringover will help you sync your processes with your client’s existing software.  The Telecom company purposes to help you do more with the business tools at your disposal to bolster productivity and efficiency.

The indirect sales channel also focuses on providing businesses with the tools needed to deliver 5-star service to clients. Start your journey to maximize your company’s potential by partnering with Ringover today.

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