Rule shake-up means ALL families face £120 fine if they take their kids on holiday during school time

ALL families will face coughing up a £120 fine if they take their kids on holiday during school-time under a rules shake-up.

Councils currently decide on whether to issue a fine of £120 to parents taking their kids out of school for a jolly.

Families could be slapped with a £120 fine if holidaying during term-time


Families could be slapped with a £120 fine if holidaying during term-timeCredit: Getty

It means some parents will be fined while others won’t, depending on who their local authority is.

But in a crackdown to stop children from missing lessons, the government said all parents could face a £120 fine if they do this.

In a consultation published on Friday, plans hint that registers of pupils could be kept electronically.

It could see local councils able to access all attendance data for schools in their area.

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Parents whose children have five days of unauthorised absence or lateness within one term, take holidays during term-time, or are out in public during the first five days of an exclusion will face a fixed penalty notice, plans suggest.

Families would face a maximum of two fines for each child within the school year.

And parents could even face prosecution if these limits are breached.

The Government said it wanted to end a “postcode lottery” where parents are fined for absence in some areas and not in others.

The plans will come as a blow to families on a budget who can’t afford to take their kids on holiday during official school holidays, when prices spike.

It’s not the only fines you could face this summer.

Wearing flip flops while driving could see you slapped with a £5,000 fine.

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While simply taking pebbles from the beach could land you with a £1,000 fine if caught.

And having a BBQ by the sea could mean a £100 fine too.

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