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CM Punk is set to undergo surgery just after becoming AEW World Champion. Ryback has a two word tweet on the injury of CM Punk

CM Punk took the wrestling world by shock with his announcement. The new AEW World Champion updated his fans and the entire wrestling about the status of his injury. The fans and followers of the wrestler weren’t expecting such an unfair thing. Maybe even Punk had not expected this, especially after his decent run in the wrestling world in recent days.

Yes, CM Punk announced he is set to undergo surgery just five days after becoming AEW world champion. The news was announced by the wrestler on Friday’s edition of ‘Rampage.’

The wrestler was overwhelmed with emotion while addressing the crowd. CM Punk said that the bad news is that he is injured and requires surgery. He also mentioned that a couple of things are broken and the biggest one is his heart. The wrestler further continued and said that he loves performing for the audience. He also added that he wanted to go on one hell of a run.

The AEW World Champion was filled with the pain while making the announcement. His pain and agony were able to be detected as he spoke with teary eyes. On one side the fans and the wrestling world were shocked by the announcement by the wrestler but elsewhere in the world, his long-standing nemesis received the news with glee.

Ryback has a two word tweet on the injury of CM Punk

Ryback had a two-word tweet on the injury of his rival CM Punk. The pair have been locked in an ongoing feud since 2012 when Punk ended Ryback’s 38-match win streak by a controversial pin.

On two further occasions, Ryback found himself bested by Punk. Around the same time, CM Punk had accused Ryback of being ‘dangerous’ in the ring. On the back of the annunciation, Ryback’s career took a turn for the worst and has spiralled since.

The Big Guy has accused Punk of faking injuries. Within the minutes of the announcement by the wrestler about his injury, Ryback took to the social media site Twitter to make a two-word tweet. It was a fairly subtle jibe considering their past clashes. But, the tweet from The Big Guy did not go well on the part of the wrestling fans.  

The tweet gained attention from the fans of the wrestling community taking the opportunity to point out that Ryback remains unsigned since leaving the WWE in 2016, while Punk currently holds a world title. On one end Punk is all set to undergo surgery at the same time Ryback is still waiting on his comeback to the sport. Thus, it would be interesting to see what the future holds for both of these fighters.



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