Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron Euro NCAP (Image: PH)

Seven new cars have secured five-star ratings in the latest Euro NCAP safety tests. Safety is a key consideration for motorists, in particular, families so these seven new vehicles can be trusted as safe cars on the roads in a range of circumstances. The scene vehicles to secure the top scores were Audi’s first fully electric model, the e-tron, Volkswagen T-Roc’s smaller brother the T-Cross and the hybrid Lexus UX. Euro NCAP also releases the results of the new Mazda 3, the Renault Clio V, and the latest Toyota Corolla and RAV4.

These new cars could also be some of the safest ever made as the current Euro NCAP test is stricter than ever and includes other categories such as driver assistance system evaluation.

All these cars will be suitable for families as they all scored 84 per cent or above in the Child Occupant testing with the Renault Clio securing the height score out of the seven with 87 per cent.

VW’s baby SUV the T-Cross scored the highest Adult Occupant rating of all the SUVs tested with a 97 per cent score but Mazda 3 scooped top plaudits for its 98 per cent rating.

T-Cross also scored the highest marks out of the seven on Safety Assist with and 80 per cent rating. The small supermini-sized crossover based on the Polo tested in 2017.

Lexus UX 2019

Lexus UX 2019 (Image: EURO NCAP)

Mazda 3 2019,

Mazda 3 2019, (Image: EURO NCAP)

While the Polo already offers many safety features, the T-Cross adds a lane support which helps to prevent inadvertent drifting out of lane and intervenes in some more critical situations.

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There was a bigger gap between the Vulnerable Road Users rating with the e-Tron scoring the lowest score of 71 per cent while the RAV4 was rated the highest with 85 per cent.

Michiel van Ratingen, secretary general at Euro NCAP, said: “It is encouraging to see that all manufacturers did well, regardless of type of powertrain or class of vehicle tested.

Toyota RAV4 2019

Toyota RAV4 2019 (Image: EURO NCAP)

“New cars on the market continue to offer more advanced technology as standard, systems that were not even considered an option a few years ago.

“Vehicle manufacturers must respond on all levels to consumers expectations, but adding more safety is often challenged by market conditions.

“Despite this, we see the latest state of the art safety technology being made standard on many of Europe’s best-selling family cars.”

Renault Clio 2019

Renault Clio 2019 (Image: RENAULT)

The rating scores for each individual vehicle tested

Audi e-tron 2019

Adult Occupant – 91 per cent

Child Occupant – 85 per cent

Vulnerable Road Users – 71 per cent

Safety Assist – 76 per cent

Lexus UX 2019

Adult Occupant – 96 per cent

Child Occupant – 85 per cent

Vulnerable Road Users – 82 per cent

Safety Assist – 77 per cent

VW T-Cross 2019

VW T-Cross 2019 (Image: EURO NCAP)

Toyota Corolla 2019

Toyota Corolla 2019 (Image: TOYOTA)

Renault Clio 2019

Adult Occupant – 96 per cent

Child Occupant – 89 per cent

Vulnerable Road Users – 72 per cent

Safety Assist – 75 per cent

Mazda 3 2019

Adult Occupant – 98 per cent

Child Occupant – 87 per cent

Vulnerable Road Users – 81 per cent

Safety Assist – 73 per cent

VW T-Cross 2019

Adult Occupant – 97 per cent

Child Occupant – 86 per cent

Vulnerable Road Users – 81 per cent

Safety Assist – 80 per cent



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