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Safety measures go for a toss at canteen for ex-servicemen – The Tribune India

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Jhajjar, May 28

Social distancing went for a toss as hundreds reached the premises outside the ex-servicemen canteen here today. The police reached the spot and disperse the crowd. The authorities had to shut the canteen to avert any untoward incident.

The canteen was reopened on May 22 and registration was being made through telephone. Token for shopping was being given to 100 registered members a day to ensure social distancing.

Sources said hundreds gathered outside the canteen around 4 am following receipt of information that manual tokens would be distributed for shopping. More than 500 persons gathered by 8 am, with many not wearing masks.

“We are a harassed lot as the telephone number for registration remains busy. We all are trying to get enrolled for the past few days, but to no avail. We have come to receive token manually,” said Satbir Singh, an ex-serviceman.

Rishi Dev and Ram Chander, other beneficiaries, claimed that there was no proper system of giving date, time and tokens, leading to resentment among them.

Suresh Kalalia, canteen manager, said five telephone numbers had been released to register and get tokens, yet hundreds gathered outside and started raising a hue and cry.

“We had to close the canteen around 11:15 am after giving tokens to a few ex-servicemen though it was usually open till 2 pm. The canteen has been shut for till further orders,” the manager stated.


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