Sail Around Turkey

Sail Around Turkey

Sailing is immensely adventurous and is loved by many! No matter if you are a pro sailor or someone who wants to experience sailing, you must definitely try sailing around Turkey. The eye-catching beauty, the historical places, and the unspoiled beaches account for a perfect sailing destination! You can simply charter a catamaran or a yacht and it will include all the activities as well as the accommodation. So just head to Turkey to charter a Yacht.

Places to Sail Around Turkey

The three sailing destinations and the things you can do there are:


  • Explore the Paradise Island
  • Explore the unspoiled beaches and bays, like – Selimiye, Sogut, Serce Limani, and the ancient Bozukkale village.


  • Explore the twelve unspoiled islands
  • Visit the historic Fethiye
  • Explore the blue lagoon
  • Visit the mud and thermal baths of Ekincik.


  • Explore the unspoiled Gocek bay area
  • Explore the blue lagoon
  • Visit the scuba-heaven of Kas
  • Visit the Kekova sunken city

Things to Keep in Mind while Planning a Sailing Holiday around Turkey

Sailing Rating

There is a non-tidal sailing area and a line-of-sight navigation. This makes it an ideal sailing destination. In case you are a beginner, you can explore the Marmaris bay and sheltered Gocek areas. You need intermediate sailing skills if you want to head west of the Marmaris towards Datca or head south of the Gocek towards Kas because of the stronger winds.


The sailing season continues from March till November. The peak season lasts from July to August. You can enjoy the bright sunshine and breezes during the entire season.

Minimum Requirements

You will be needing a RYA DaySkipper or something similar for chartering a boat in Turkey. Having a VHF certificate is highly recommended. In case you don’t have the necessary qualifications, you will be provided with a professional skipper.

How to Go

  • You can take a flight to Dalaman, as it is the nearest to all the three bases. It takes a 25-minute drive to reach Gocek from the Dalaman airport, a 50-minute drive to reach Fethiye from the Dalaman airport, and a 1 hour 25-minute drive to reach Marmaris from the Dalaman airport.
  • You can also take a flight to Bodrum airport and then take a 1 hour 45-minute drive to reach Marmaris or a 2 hour 15-minute drive to reach Gocek or a 2 hour 40-minute drive to reach Fethiye.
  • You can also take a flight to Antalya and then take a 2 hour 50-minute drive to Fethiye or a 3 hour 15-minute drive to Gocek.
  • You can also take a flight to the Greek islands of Kos or Rhodes and then take a ferry from there across to Fethiye or Marmaris.

Visa Requirements

If you are a resident of the US or the UK, then you will require a visa for visiting Turkey. You need to obtain the visa in advance. In case you are an EU passport holder, you don’t need a visa for visiting Turkey. But if you are planning to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, then you will need a visa even if you are an EU passport holder. In case you have a Turkish citizenship, then obviously things will be different.

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