SAIL- ISP launches premium segment wire rod

KOLKATA: Steel Authority of India‘s Iisco Steel Plant Burnpur (SAIL- ISP) has introduced a premium segment of wire rod products, as part of its effort to expand market share across various industries and cater to growing needs of its customers.

In step with this objective, SAIL-ISP took up the development of “Cable Armour Quality Wire Rod” to enrich its product basket. “It belongs to the premium segment of wire rod market wherein electrical resistivity is the most important requirement. Steel wire armour provides mechanical protection, which means the cable can withstand higher stresses, an official statement said.

Electrical resistivity is an intrinsic material property and is influenced by chemical composition. Based on internal discussion, the alloy design and process route was finalized wherein low levels of carbon and silicon were major technological challenges.

“Through the optimized usage of process enablers, cast billets were produced and rolled into 5.5 mm wire rods. Extensive product analysis for resistivity measurement under controlled environment was done in-house,” the statement added. About 170 MT have been produced and supplied to different customers and the plant has received positive feedback on it.


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