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It’s not that often that the tech community at large takes a breath to acknowledge an innovative manufacturing technique — probably because consumers don’t care much about their gadgets until they’re actually in their hands.

But Samsung has made a breakthrough so significant that it has people buzzing about mobility R&D, specifically, advancements in technology that could be huge for scaling memory.

Samsung has begun mass production of its 16-gigabit LPDDR5 mobile RAM chips using, for the first time, a process called extreme ultraviolet technology, or EUV. This method reportedly uses lasers and chemicals to etch silicon, and it’s going to be applied on what Samsung says is the “world’s largest semiconductor line.” 

Samsung says its new chip will provide “the highest speed and largest capacity available in mobile DRAM.” For example, the company says that with the chip in a 16 GB package, it could transfer the equivalent of 10 high-def movies in one second. Not to mention, it’s about two-thirds the size of the previous generation. 

Engadget points out that the real world gains could be numerous. Besides adding much more opportunity for your phone to handle demanding tasks, the smaller size could mean slimmer devices or more room for added features.

Samsung will continue to supply smartphone makers with the chip but also hopes to expand into automotive applications, so keep your eyes peeled for some impressive changes in the speed and agility of your dash features.

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