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Samsung cranks out sixth-gen V-NAND SSD with 100-plus layers

Samsung keeps cranking out faster and higher-capacity SSDs

SEEMS LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY Samsung cranks out another speedy memory thingy or high-capacity solid-state drive; case in point its latest 3D memory touting sixth-generation V-NAND SSDs, which cram in 100-plus layers.

Championing a breakthrough in 3D cell stacking, Samsung said it has started mass production of 250GB SATA SSDs that contain more than 100 layers in a single V-NAND stack, which the company claims is an industry first, thanks to the use of its sixth-generation (1xx-layer) 256-gigabit three-bit V-NAND tech.

“Utilising Samsung’s unique ‘channel hole etching’ technology, the new V-NAND adds around 40-percent more cells to the previous 9x-layer single-stack structure. This is achieved by building an electrically conductive mold stack comprised of 136 layers, then vertically piercing cylindrical holes from top to bottom, creating uniform 3D charge trap flash (CTF) cells,” Samsung said.

As a result, the new SSDs will offer writing speeds of 450ms and read response times of 45ms, thanks to a “speed-optimized circuit design” which apparently overcomes the vulnerabilities to read latencies and errors NAND drives can face as the mould stack in each cell area increases in height.

With this tech, Samsung said it can stack three of the current stack together to make V-NAND SSDs with more than 300 layers.

“By bringing cutting-edge 3D memory technology to volume production, we are able to introduce timely memory lineups that significantly raise the bar for speed and power efficiency,” explained Kye Hyun Kyung, executive vice president of Solution Product & Development at Samsung Electronics.

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“With faster development cycles for next-generation V-NAND products, we plan to rapidly expand the markets for our high-speed, high-capacity 512Gb V-NAND-based solutions.”

With that in mind, the 250GB V-NAND SSD with the sixth-generation tech will be the first capacity offered to hardware makers, while as 2019 draws along, Samsung plans to introduce 512Gb three-bit V-NAND SSD and eUFS.

So expect speedier and higher capacity SSDs from Samsung as the year slopes into the colder months. µ

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