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I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. From many past experiences, the word “resolution” reads more like “the perfect recipe for failure.”

I’ve gone down the fad-dieting road, gym junkie road etc etc. And all for what? To lose weeks of happiness? Exactly my point.

But heading into the new year with no goals got me thinking – what could I have done differently last year to make this year better? Definitely put a halt on my shopping addiction that’s for sure; probably cancel my Stan subscription and pick up a book every now and then; and maybe spend more Saturday nights out with friends as opposed to being in bed with a face mask on by 7pm. They seemed like all very relevant pointers. However, after a lot of thought, what I realised I neglected the most last year was my mental health.

A series of incidents here and there throughout the year and my stress levels had peaked like never before. Not only did I feel it, but I seriously looked like I had voluntarily dressed myself to celebrate Halloween every day. What’s worse was the fact that I didn’t listen to what my body was telling me – I was forcing myself out of bed at 5am every morning to hit the gym, working on weekends (a horrible habit I also need to break this year), and would binge eat on Birthday Cake Halo Top ice-cream every night (seriously so damn good).

The lack of energy, low mood, and horrible gut issues (probs from devouring mountains of ice-cream) I was experiencing weren’t enough to tell me to just chill-the-F-out. But it wasn’t until I tested out the Samsung Galaxy Watch, in which I visually saw how horrible my stress levels had become.

New to the Galaxy Watch is a stress management feature that automatically detects high levels of stress, and offers breathing exercises to help keep users centered and focused.

“Research shows that stress can have an enormous impact on overall health and wellbeing, which is why stress management is such a pivotal functionality feature in the Galaxy Watch,’ explains Eric Chou, Head of Category Management at Samsung Electronics Australia – IT and Mobile.

“Samsung is working to enable Aussies to embrace their health by keeping it top of mind, with the Galaxy Watch acting as a mode of positive encouragement and motivation right on your wrist. With users’ lives becoming busier and busier, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is here to help simplify things and allow users to make time for wellness in their schedule.”

The first few days of wearing the Watch, the stress-o-meter was all in the blue-green zone (i.e happy as Larry). However, a week into the trial I noticed my stress levels were definitely not the same as before, purely because the Watch needed time to set up a baseline heart rate and figure out how my heart functions. That little pointer on the meter was stuck in the orange-to-red section. Permanently… and everything – from my hardcore HIIT training sessions to my boring weekends doing work – were all contributing to this stress-spike.

What the Watch also told me was the fact that my sleeping habits were a train wreck, too.

“Sleep is a particularly important factor on stress and bad sleep patterns mean users don’t achieve the rest and recovery that their bodies need to perform at their best and achieve good health,” Chou explains. “The Galaxy Watch acts as the ultimate health companion, with users able to monitor their sleep cycles with the new advanced sleep tracker, helping to adjust sleeping habits so that they get the rest they need to take on the day.

“The Galaxy Watch tracks REM cycles to provide the most accurate overview of your sleeping patterns, then delivers an efficiency score and sleep time tracker each morning based on your average patterns, so you can make adjustments as needed.”

I was amazed at how such a tiny wearable device was the wake-up call I needed to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. I decided to ditch my HIIT workouts for yoga, followed the Watch’s breathing cues, said goodbye to my computer and spent the next few weekends reading a book by the pool, and tidied up my sleep hygiene. Simple changes, but essential ones my body responded well to, or so my Watch told me.

“The Samsung Galaxy Watch has been developed with wellness in mind and offers users a holistic health experience with its monitoring functionalities, including exercise tracking, heart-rate monitoring, stress management and advanced sleep trackers. Via the Samsung Health platform, Samsung is able to track over 39 exercises, which puts the power in the user’s hands and means they’re are able to have a better understanding of their overall health and wellbeing.”

So, bottom line: as much as it pains me to hear myself say it, 2019 is a ‘New Year, new me’ situation – a healthier, happier and less-stressed me, all with the help of my Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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