Samsung OneConnect box is still a marvel, so why do so few Samsung TVs get it? – TechRadar

If you’ve ever bought a new Samsung TV with the OneConnect box, you’ll know the perks to a sleek cabling solution – one that outsources all those pesky inputs and cable ports away from your sightlines, helping to keep the area around your TV clear and prevent yourself scrabbling around the back of the television to plug in a PS4 or soundbar.

A standard sight for Samsung’s designer TVs – like the painting-esque The Frame, the three-legged Serif, or rotating Sero – the One Connect box is an accessory that melds style with convenience, and it’s no surprise that Samsung had big plans for the device. It’s been around in some form for several years, whether as an optional accessory or one bundled in with selected 4K TVs, and appeared in TechRadar’s TV reviews since 2014.


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