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Night Sight is one of the greatest things about Google’s latest Pixel 3
flagships, and likely the feature that makes them the most outstanding premium Android option everyone can buy at the moment.
But someone else wants to take the spotlight.
Night Sight, for the uninitiated, is a camera mode for low-light photography
available only on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL — at least officially. It’s not just any camera mode, either. Unlike low-light modes on other phones, Night Sight combines camera tricks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to lighten up images regardless if the lighting conditions were horrid as they were taken. This can result in images looking as if they were taken with professional studio lighting, when in fact there was hardly any light available.
Long story short, it’s a standout feature, and likely a crucial aspect toward choosing a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL over the rest of the Android pack. Samsung wants to create a similar technology, apparently.
Samsung Working On Bright Night Feature
According to a report
from XDA Developers, Samsung’s most recent code for Android Pie for the Galaxy Note 9
suggests that the company is working on a new camera feature called Bright Night, which apparently would allow users to “take bright pictures even in very dark conditions.”
For now, it’s difficult to determine exactly how Bright Night is going to work, but from what little information is currently available, the feature seems to be a direct response to Google’s Night Sight mode, not to mention Huawei’s Night Mode, which also produces similar great-looking low-light photos.
On the Pixel 3, Night Sight takes several pictures and stitches them together to create well-lit low-light shots. Samsung’s code for Bright Night hints it’ll work in a similar fashion.
When Is Bright Night Coming To Samsung Phones?
In any case, Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything about Bright Night thus far, as the code XDA Developers discovered is the first time it’s been spotted in the wild. Speculation suggests it would appear on the forthcoming Galaxy S10
flagship, but there’s zero evidence to back that up, unfortunately, other than the latest and greatest feature usually appear on whatever new flagship is coming out. The phone is expected to be announced in February 2019. Rumors suggests Samsung is making a device that’s specifically geared for mobile photography lovers, and if that’s the case, Bright Night definitely makes sense.

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