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Biometrics continues to rise in popularity when it comes to security across the board. From using your fingers to log into your favorite websites via a password manager like Dashlane to unlocking your favorite mobile devices or fancy USB security keys that can be used as strong 2FA (two-factor authentication) solutions.

Using your fingerprint to gain access to something beats everything (mostly) thanks to the sheer convenience and strong protection compared to passwords or pin codes (that are hard to remember unless they are incredibly easy to crack). So it makes sense that everyone has been rushing to add biometrics to just about everything.

Now, Samsung has a fingerprint security IC (integrated circuit) that the company has been working on that can be integrated into the small space of a credit card. This means that not only can your credit card have a chip in it, but your fingerprint can act as a secure two-factor authenticator with every transaction. This sure beats out matching your signature to the back of the card (which nobody does anymore if you haven’t already noticed)

Image: Samsung

The new fingerprint security IC has built-in anti-spoofing capabilities that help to prevent any attempts to circumvent it using a fake fingerprint (which is usually what you see in those crazy Oceans Eleven-style movies or television series where someone tries to lift a fingerprint to try to use it to gain access to something).

Image: Samsung

This is a great move toward a more secure future in transactions and hopefully fewer cases of theft (hopefully). Things have been getting so bad with information leaks and hidden credit card scanners that hackers like to slide into ATMs or gas pumps. Eventually, we might even have cards that read our DNA as you use them.

Then again, “if man can make it, man can break it”. If anything, it at least gives us a little head start against the bad guys.

You may see this tech rolling out in credit cards in the near future. More likely, you will since having fingerprint readers on credit cards only makes complete sense, after all.


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