Samsung's Next-Gen Flagship 990 Pro PCIe 5.0 SSD Listed – Tom's Hardware

Samsung was a bit late to the party with its first PCIe Gen4 SSD for client PCs — the 980 Pro — and lost some market share to Phison and its partners. However, the firm does not want to be late with its PCIe Gen5 drives for enthusiast-grade drives, which is why its next-generation 990 Pro SSDs are already listed in the South Korean customs database. 

Samsung’s 990 Pro SSD entry in the customs database (discovered by @Harukaze5719) does not reveal many details about the upcoming drives except their model numbers (MZ-V9P1T0, MZ-V9P2T0) that possibly point to 1TB and 2TB configurations. 1TB and 2TB capacities are not the highest capacity points for M.2 drives these days, yet they indicate that the forthcoming Samsung 990 Pro SSDs will not target entry-level PCs. 


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