Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is going to be a big upgrade (both for better and, in one case, for worse). But with the release still months away, out of the blue, the most radical edition has suddenly been confirmed.  

Galaxy Note 10 concept render by ConceptCreator


Picked up by The Verge, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg used the company’s Q1 2019 quarterly earnings call to reveal the existence of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 5G edition and confirm it will be coming to the company’s new 5G network.

“The Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G,” he said, while also hinting that an unnamed LG 5G-ready phone will launch as well. Did Samsung know Vestberg was going to out their top-secret device with an offhand remark? I suspect the company will say so (I’ve asked), but I’d be amazed if it were true.

That said, for me, 5G is actually the least interesting part of the Note 10. While 5G is blazingly fast and will be a big marketing pitch (especially with the new iPhone sitting it out), a nationwide rollout will take years and there’s a significant hardware price premium to pay for a service you may rarely have access to.

Galaxy Note 10 quad cameras based on design leaks


Consequently, what excites me more about the Note 10 are its new design and (in comparison to the Galaxy S10) the next-generation components, upgraded quad-core camera and the launch of a cheaper and more compact Note 10e edition.

The latter is particularly important given the 5G Note 10 is almost 7-inches. That said, I’m sure for many, the chance to live on the cutting edge will prove irresistible and it’s a smarter move than buying an S10.


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