Sash Windows Buyers Guide

Sash Windows Buyers Guide

There are many types of windows that can be installed in the buildings of historical value. A properly selected glass unit will preserve the historical value of the building and the necessary functionality. One of the most popular options is casement windows.

The houses, stylized as 17th-19th century buildings, has sashes. Therefore, for the repair or restoration of sash windows, it is worth following the traditions, choosing sash and glass made of similar materials. You can contact a company dealing with sash windows repair in Essex to preserve cultural heritage sites.

How Do Sash Windows Work

The principle of a casement window is as follows: a counterweight made of steel or lead balances the shutters. The weight is suspended from a cord that is hidden inside the casement, which has a free space. In old insulating glass units, this part is used for installing thermal insulation.

A traditional sash window can be found in buildings built in the Gregorian or Victorian style. In later periods, people installed similar double-glazed windows with minor changes in design.

One of the popular types is the slider sash. When it is opened, one element remains in place. This type is the progenitor of the classic vertical sash.

Styles of Sash Windows

Before replacing a window in your house, you should study the existing styles. This will allow you to choose a design that will harmoniously complement the design of your mansion:

1. Traditional windows. They are made in elegant design similar to that of the century before last, which makes them perfectly fit the facades of historic houses. Double-glazed windows with a box-shaped sash structure can be customized for them. In this case, choose wood resistant to deformation and twisting. The outer surface remains perfectly smooth.

2. Venetian style. Such casement windows remind of classic double-glazed windows. The characteristic feature is a triple sash with two fixed panes on the outside. The center shutter opens. The weight used to balance the middle sash is housed in the outer frames. The window opens and closes smoothly. The posts between the sections look quite aesthetically pleasing.

3. Georgian style. The glass unit is divided into 6 or 8 small parts, which are harmoniously combined. The items are large enough to fill rooms with sunshine.

There are other options for the design of sash windows. You can choose the architectural style of the Queen Anne revival; in this case, several panels are used on the upper sash, and no more than two on the lower one. There are also arched windows that were popular during the Gothic revival. This is an analogue of rectangular double-glazed windows.

Besides the classic window sash design, many of them have a hidden spring. It preserves the charm of the English style swing windows. The system with cord weights is not used here, as it is replaced by a spring mechanism. Such counterweights don’t look aesthetically nice, so they are neatly hidden behind the window frame.

How Much Do Wooden Sash Windows Cost to Repair or Replace?

Classic mechanisms often suffer damage, including deformation of the wooden structures, rotting or swelling due to excessive moisture during bad weather. When the wind blows, the sashes may rattle. This happens because the wood shrinks.

Sash windows may require glass replacement. This is possible if the window frames are to be recycled. If they can be restored, the single glazing is replaced with a thin glass unit. The frames must be able to support the weight of the new glass. It is also possible to fit new sashes into existing frames. In some cases, you may need preliminary reinforcement of the structure. Wooden sash windows cost is around £1000 (per window).

If the sash cannot be repaired, you will need complete replacement of the sashes. The cost depends on the material, the selected type of glazing and the features of the finishing. The approximate cost of renovations is from £1750 (per window). For more information about the pricing policy, please contact the company that specializes in window replacement.

Maintaining Sash Windows

Original windows are of great value, therefore, before deciding to replace such glass units, it’s worth considering the possibility of restoring the sashes and glass. Many problems that arise during the operation of wooden windows can be solved. These include fogging of the glass, rotting of the frames, difficulties in opening. Contact the company of professionals before making your final decision on restoring or replacing the windows.

The Restoration of Old Windows Has Several Advantages:

•   you will preserve the original look of the building;

•   better thermal performance and protection against drafts, plus you will keep the current frame even with additional glazing;

•   several times longer service life, as old wood is of higher quality.

Wooden sashes require some maintenance, for example, they must be regularly painted and cleaned from dirt. Correct measures to preserve the look of windows will increase their service life up to 100 years.

To Sum Up

The house owners who prefer the traditional design, as well as those who live in buildings built many centuries ago, choose only cheap sash windows. A plastic glass unit will not have the same visual effect. Moreover, an additional permit will be required to replace a classic window with a PVC one.

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