Sault security firm acquires two tech companies – Northern Ontario Business

Sault Ste. Marie’s Norpro Company has picked up two local tech outfits.

The growth-minded Sault security and health and safety firm has acquired Unique Data Solutions and Lucidia Technologies.

The two companies provide networking and online security services, business phone systems and other IT support to small and medium-sized companies.

In a May 23 news release, Norpro president Brad Gregorini said the acquisitions are reflective of the way his company has evolved and diversified to meet customer needs.

“Norpro started as a security and investigations firm, and we still specialize in those areas, but our clients began looking to us to solve other business problems for them, as well, so we have evolved with these opportunities.”

Norpro services clients across Ontario and the U.S. at large construction and mines sites, in the entertainment industry, and the retail and professional services space.

“The Norpro name is an amalgamation of the words Northern and Professionals, and with the acquisition of a well-reputed local IT firm, we extend the brand to cover a broader number of services.”

Gregorini acquired Norpro and its 15 employees in 2013. It now boasts more than 130 employees following a series of acquisitions in recent years, the launch of new business lines, and expansion across the border into Michigan and southern Ontario.

Norpro formed a health and safety division in 2016; acquired McClelland Johnson POS from Superior Business, thus creating the point-of-sale division in 2017; and created a strategic partnership with Caliber Communications in Southern Ontario in 2018.

“Now, with one call to us, companies can solve their security, technology, communications, business sales and document equipment, health and safety, and information technology pain points so that they can focus on what they do best,” said Gregorini.

In a statement, Unique Data Solutions president Roger Lapointe said he was looking for a succession plan after 30 years in the business.

“Working on the deal with Brad is a great fit. We have crafted a vision for the team that will allow us to continue to do what we are best known for and to benefit our client bases. We’ll be able to offer cross benefits to each other’s clients and save them money.”


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