Save On Toyo Proxes TR-1 Tyres Online

Save On Toyo Proxes TR-1 Tyres Online

Typically designed for a Sports Sedan or Professional drivers who demand the best from their vehicles, the PROXES TR-1 takes type performance to a whole new level. It takes your vehicle to reach the plateau of performance with unmatchable braking, ride comfort, and wear resistance, ensuring that you don’t have any trouble when it comes to the tyres of your car.

They are meant for both dry and wet weather conditions meaning that you will get ultra-high performance from your sports car, coupes, and sedans. The TR-1’s V-shaped tread pattern drains mean that water is removed quickly from the rims so that it has a better grip on wet roads. However, you have to be careful when driving on snowy roads as they are not meant for icy conditions, and the type might slip. They are made from Toyo’s Generation S silica-infused high grip that minimizes heat build-up so that your tyres don’t wear out.

The tyre also produces less rolling resistance, which means that not only does your car consume less fuel, but the tyre doesn’t burn out, lowering CO2 emissions that are harmful to the environment. Toya has added an extra layer of protection on the sidewalls for added stability and grip so that the car can go smoothly around the corners. You can buy Toyo PROXES TR-1 at a discounted price right now and enjoy driving your Sedan without any safety issues. Here are some features about the Toyo PROXES you should know before you buy these tyres.

Key Features

As the tyres are designed for sports cars, coupes, and sedans, you are going to find that they have an exceptional performance when it comes to riding comfort and precision. Here is a list of all the features that you get with the tyre.

  • Unidirectional tread pattern meaning that the tyres are designed to roll only in one direction. This feature is excellent if you want to race on wet tracks as it promotes better fuel efficiency and road grip.
  • High silica content in tyre manufacturing, allowing the tyre to achieve low rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and harmful emission of gases. Silica is used in the tyre as a bonding agent instead of carbon black so that the tyre has a greener impact on the environment, and there is less road friction causing the tyre to wear down.
  • Joint less spiral wound edge to facilitate excellent high speed uniformity so that the tyres don’t bubble at high speed and you can easily grip your cap without losing control. Spiral wound gives the tyre the needed strength at high speeds as a length of nylon cord is wound around the circumference that creates two fill cap piles around the tyre.
  • Wide high-tensile steel belts to increase the stiffness of the tread area and minimize distortion on the ground contact area that provides puncture resistance and increases fuel efficiency so that you can drive long routes without facing any kind of trouble.
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