Scientists say chances we're living in a simulation now at 50/50 and odds could soon RISE

“‘Hey, I want to create a world in my computer,’ and then that world creates a world in its computer, and then you have simulations all the way down.

“So now you lay out all these universes and throw a dart. Which of these universes are you most likely to hit? The original one that started it or the countless simulations, the daughter simulations that unfolded thereafter? You’re going to hit one of the simulations.”

Then, in 2018, the astrophysicist gave the simulation theory “better than 50/50 odds”, saying: “I wish I could summon a strong argument against it, but I cannot find none.”

However, contrary to Dr Tyson’s arguments, Columbia University astronomer David Kipping thinks it is unlikely subsequent generations of simulations would spawn their own worlds.

The astronomer crunched the numbers on Dr Bostrom’s 2003 theory using the so-called Bayesian method.


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