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Search and Selection of Villa in Dubai

Search and Selection of Villa in Dubai

Do you want to buy apartments in Palm Jumeirah? Official source AX Capital will provide some tips to help newcomers to the Arab real property market.

How to Find the Perfect Villa?

Some of the most attractive real properties are concentrated in Dubai. The range of the local housing market is amazing, and the range of locations is imbrangling. How not to get lost in diversity? Let’s try to answer this question.

The variety of villas and gated communities attracts holidaymakers and investors from all over the world. There is everything here: luxury villas with golf courses, houses with access to the private beach, and facilities in gated communities. 

What is to start with? Here is a list of important points to consider in order to make the right decision.

# 1 The Goal of Purchase

Before you start searching for a villa, it is important to clearly decide what kind of facility it will be. Answer the question: is this a new villa or a secondary? Its location is equally important. The goal determines the search direction.

# 2 Location

Location is crucial when buying real estate. Study the infrastructure of the area, its advantages and disadvantages, amenities, transport accessibility.  A villa is more expensive if there are:

  • Motorways;
  • The shops;
  • Schools;
  • Hospitals;
  • Parks;
  • Beaches.

The villa in an underdeveloped community without or with limited access to public goods will be more difficult to sell in the future, but if this is not a fundamental concern or you want to save money, this factor can be omitted.

#3 Cost

Older villas are cheaper due to their location in the older districts of Dubai. It is important for the buyer to understand that maintenance costs will be higher in older villas if the previous owner of the property did not manage the apartment properly.

To avoid this, it is necessary to use the services of a professional residential agent who will help you find a good villa in the district of ​​interest, without debts from previous owners with affordable service.

# 4 Real Estate Agent

Working with a certified realtor will save you time and energy.
 The broker can advise you and answer questions, as well as find the best villa option for you on favorable terms. With their help, the transaction will go through quickly and safely, with minimal disturbance for the client.

Before contacting a specific specialist, make sure that he is authentic. Ask for a license, study the reviews and the website of the agency for which he works.

Buying Property in Dubai

Interesting villa and townhouse options await you at Ax Capital. Enlist the support of the company’s specialist to find the ideal property at an affordable price at any district of Dubai. Ax Capital will take care of the transaction security, provide post-sale support and guide you through all stages of the purchase.

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