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Secrets of an Algorithm That Beats the Forex Market at its Own Game

Secrets of an Algorithm That Beats the Forex Market at its Own Game

Copy-trading, a system that allows consumers to profit from the financial actions of other experts, is becoming increasingly popular. You can now copy-trade you’re favorite financial experts because of developments in technology and the widespread use of social media. Taking advantage of these benefits can be extremely beneficial.

It’s possible to learn from the knowledge of the community when social copy trading networks and community sentiment research are combined.

There are a Number of Ways that Copy-trading Works

Customers in today’s marketplace want more from their brokers than a basic internet trading platform. When it comes to forex trading, copy-trading is a fresh and interesting option for individuals who desire a deeper understanding of the markets.

The ability to identify current market trends is essential to developing a successful trading strategy. A successful trader must be able to obtain market information and insights. Most successful traders use research businesses or paid analysts to gather this knowledge, but this strategy can be excessively expensive.

Because of ZuluTrade, investors can benefit from the expertise of other investors. ZuluTrade, a social network for traders, was established in 2007 and has grown rapidly since then. In order to learn from other traders, you can use the network. You don’t have to choose specific transactions or keep track of your account when building your portfolio based on your preferred techniques and systems.

It’s simple to find skilled forex traders on ZuluTrade, thanks to its user-friendly layout. Trading quality, the frequency of profitable months, the maximum monthly drawdown, and other characteristics are all included in ZuluTrade’s rating system.

ZuluTrade has become a household name in the world of trading. On ZuluTrade, you’ll meet a wide variety of traders, but Evolution FX stands out above the others.

Who Started Evolution FX?

Marian Stan, CEO and Head Trader of Evolution FX, established this copy-trading business. Marian has signed Alex Muresan as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bogdan Puscasu as a Senior Editor, and Lucian Cociu as a Community Manager in order to broaden the company’s presence and better serve its clients. All three members of the team are well-versed in their respective fields.

In his thirteen years as a trader, EvolutionFX’s CEO and founder Marian Stan has mastered his skills. All asset classes, including real estate, commodities, equities, and cryptocurrencies, are covered by his expertise. Over the course of his trading career, Marian has learned what it takes to succeed and what the common pitfalls are. Marian’s approach reveals that he enjoys assisting people in achieving prosperity.

For Alex Muresan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Evolution FX, social media and marketing have provided him with an unusual viewpoint on the Forex market. His best part of the day is when he gets to sit down and analyze the charts for the Evolution FX blog, which he hopes will help new traders. Evolution Fx’s social media accounts are also under his charge.

With a passion for trading and investments, Lucian Cociu is an ideal candidate for this position. Evolution FX’s Community Manager ensures that new followers have a great experience and assists them with any questions they may have as they progress through the website. Every day Lucian is striving for better service and assistance for the customers he serves.

Senior Editor Bogdan Puscasu has worked in the financial sector as well as in journalism. The stock market trader knows how to jazz up financial details, making it appealing to a wide spectrum of people. Experience in the stock market and as a trader has given him a unique perspective on how to invest and trade various asset classes using the most up-to-date approaches.

Introducing Evolution FX, A New Type of Copy-Trading System

The copy-trading algorithm Evolution FX was developed by a team of expert traders who are passionate about trading and experienced in the markets. Forex investors can benefit from the copy-trading algorithm that the team has created after more than 13 years of extensive expertise in the financial markets.

The goal of Evolution-FX is to provide traders with a cutting-edge tool that is dependable, adaptable, and powerful. Every day, the algorithm is updated and adjusted by the Evolution FX Team to maximize earnings while minimizing risk for its followers. It has been generally

Acknowledged as one of the greatest automatic copy trading systems in the business since Evolution FX’s most recent update on March 10, 2021.

Consistent returns with minimum risk are the objectives of this strategy. The system uses mathematical algorithms to analyze the market every hour in order to find the best time to trade. The process was developed for long-term investors that are searching for stable profits with low drawdown.

Using cautious risk management and effective leverage control, Evolution FX is able to avoid large drawdowns during adverse markets, such as market shock COVID-19 or the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

What is Evolution FX’s Trading Strategy?

An overbought/oversold condition is exploited by the Evolution FX strategy in the foreign exchange market. The market opens a sell order to take advantage of an overbought condition, and a purchase order to take advantage of an oversold position. It is possible to open up to 12 positions per pair and 24 positions in total if a trade goes against the strategy’s starting position. These transactions might last anywhere from a few minutes to a few months.

You won’t be able to make enough money if you take too little risk. It is possible to go bankrupt if you take too much risk. In order to keep a realistic degree of risk when trading, position sizing must be used.

Low-risk trading requires 0.01 lots for every 2000$ USD in your account, and 0.01 lots for every 1000$ USD in your account when trading at normal risk.

When it Comes to Performance, What Can Evolution FX Deliver?

The financial markets are now more accessible than ever thanks to technological advancements. If you want to make money in the FOREX market, you don’t have to be an expert to do it. Finding a profitable trading technique is a challenge.

The ZuluTrade platform has Evolution FX as a high performer. Every month since March 2021, its performance has been positive, and it now has hundreds of followers from all around the world. ZuluTrade presently ranks it as the best-performing strategy.

Evolution Fx’s first year of activity has been a success:

  • 183% ROI
  • +13100 real pips won
  • 93% win-rate, with 712 winning trades out of 765
  • +$57 000 total profit for its followers

The Most Important Resource of Evolution FX is Transparency

Most likely, you’re trying to figure out what makes Evolution FX different from the other copy trading services out there. It’s really easy to understand! Transparency and honesty are two hallmarks of trading with Evolution FX.

In order to protect their trade secrets, it appears that forex signal service providers are keeping them under wraps. Few of them assert that their technique is the greatest and most successful, but they refuse to divulge any further information on the subject due to concerns about confidentiality.

The Evolution Fx Team believes that their followers deserve nothing less than total honesty. They recognize that by being completely open and honest about every area of their business, their investors would feel more at ease making long-term financial commitments to them. website provides a comprehensive breakdown of their approach and algorithm. Both the real-time Zulutrade platform and the daily MyFxBook update provide access to this trading history.

In other words, you know you can trust Evolution FX because of their track record. Followers and potential investors can always count on their team to be accessible and happy to discuss their trading algorithm and strategy in detail.

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