Secure Your Home: The Difference between CCTV and Security Systems

Secure Your Home: The Difference between CCTV and Security Systems

People who unfortunately experienced the home burglary know it’s not just a financial loss that bothers them most. The feeling of insecurity and the notion that our safe harbor is invaded and not safe anymore is the worst. When it comes to home security, prevention is the keyword, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Burglars are bold and will not hesitate to target any household, especially the unprotected one. According to studies, approximately 80% of them will check if alarms are present, and 60% will give up attempting the burglary if a home is secured with alarms. Luckily, the market is flooded with various kinds of devices, from classic home security systems with 24-7 surveillance service to a new generation of Best Security Systems No Contract. However, choosing the right one could be quite an adventure.

Due to a wide range of products and options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused, so the first step should be to clarify what kind of security is expected. For example, people with large properties have a completely different situation compared to those who live in apartments. Then, it’s possible to secure the household inside and outside or to pick just one alternative. Finally, determining the budget for equipment and other fees will help focus on the right products.

Since this topic raises many questions and doubts, learning more about the difference between CCTV systems and the security systems seems like a good starting point for every potential user.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a network of cameras, strategically placed to cover some areas or key points such as entryways or, in general, any place where constant surveillance is needed. These cameras are designed to record and capture footages that could be stored on some storage medium or in the cloud. Furthermore, they can broadcast in real-time to a monitor or even smartphone. Basically, the user can check the present situation or video footage of any moment throughout the day.

For CCTV camera purchases, there are five important features to look for. Coverage capability can save a lot of money as some models have 360-degree dome area coverage, meaning in some cases a single camera can do the job perfectly. Without a proper resolution, the video footage will not be of much help in any case, which could be quite a problem if there is a need to use it for legal matters. For areas where the camera is covering longer distances, the resolution should be much higher. Durability is another important performance for outdoor and indoor cameras, especially in harsh weather conditions. A reliable video management system with encrypted Wi-fi connection and easy access to large memory storage capacity is crucial and highly recommended for effective video surveillance. Some users need cameras with specific features, such as boxed or hidden models, so purchasing should be based on special circumstances. Judging by the experts’ reviews and customers’ experiences, presently, the top three rated models are Amcrest, Annke, and Night Owl.

These characteristics clearly show that CCTV systems will do a great job with surveillance. The presents of cameras across the property will probably discourage most burglars, but if the breach happens, the user will not be alarmed in real-time. It means that the owners of the property have to spend a lot of time in front of the monitor if they want to catch the burglar on camera while committing the crime.

 These systems would be perfect witnesses if an incident was caught on camera. The video footage can be used for insurance and court cases. For insurance companies, the presence of CCTV systems on a property is good but usually not good enough for significant discounts.

With the rise of applications for mobile phones, managing the CCTV system became extremely easy. The competition is tough on the CCTV market so good cameras can be purchased at a reasonable price and installed without professional help. Sophisticated models are usually more expensive, and the professionals should do the installation with setup. However, after the installation, all future costs will be mostly maintenance-related.

Any device or a network of components that secures some property and prevents malicious or accidental actions is the simplest general description of the security alarm. This means that different kinds of devices can be integrated into one system to provide complete surveillance. So, installing sensors on doors and windows, as well as cameras, then add the siren or other devices, and they will all work together. The classic home security system usually includes a control panel or hub to organize the system, motion sensors for interior and exterior, windows and doors sensors, high-decibel siren, and security cameras. The system’s activity gives real-time information, alerts, and has many other useful options such as tracking the intruder or learning the patterns. The classic version of the system usually has a professional monitoring service option too.

The biggest advantage of this system is that if the professionals monitor it, the user knows that every breach or even false alarm will be checked and covered. Also, there is no need to worry about maintenance because, in most cases, it’s the company’s contractual responsibility. In case the user prefers to take care of the surveillance. Personally, the system can be armed, disarmed, and managed from anywhere via the web application. Insurance companies will most probably offer bigger discounts to owners with a reliable security system. However, the equipment for this type of system is usually much more expensive than for others, and the monthly fees can be high too. In some areas, the installation cannot be done without the permit, and the cost of licensing should be added to the list of expenses.

To conclude the subject, users who like to enjoy their safety without thinking much about it should choose the security system. Those who want to be in charge of their security could use CCTV cameras as an effective solution.

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