Seiko Watches: Watches for Modern Men and Women

Seiko Watches: Watches for Modern Men and Women

In this modern time and age, being on time is a great deal for you to pass a specific requirement either in school or at work. Sometimes keeping track of time is difficult, especially when you get caught in a few things here and there. With the help of technology, watches got invented and made tracking time easier. With just a glance at the band wrapped on your left or right wrist that bears a timepiece, you can quickly check the time and avoid being tardy for your appointments. Having a great timepiece on your watch is much better than relying on your smartphone for the time. It helps you become more aware of the time and gets rid of the habit of using your smartphone, which can also serve as a distraction.

Given the demand for watches, many brands catered to address the people’s desire for quality timepieces they could wear for convenience and fashion. Seiko watches one of those brands, creates another timepiece to include in its collection, the Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko Quartz Diver

Many watch lovers are familiar when they hear Seiko and Quartz. In an instant, a person will automatically associate it with watches. The Grand Seiko Quartz Diver is a high-end Japanese quartz watch. What does high-end quartz mean? It means that the quartz movement inside a watch is of high quality, higher than the usual watches. Not all quartz movements are equal. Furthermore, high-end quartz shows that the case, dial, and bracelet of a watch are of better quality compared to other watches.

Regarding high-end quartz watches, you will notice the incredible attention to detail given in these timepieces, hence satisfying the enthusiasm and demand of watch lovers from all over the globe.

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The Grand Seiko Quartz Diver is a collection of the best, high-end quartz watches. Suppose you want to find a watch that will always give you accurate and precise time. In that case, you can select from this collection available in your country and enjoy wearing a timepiece that will not only help you be on time but will also undoubtedly add style to your fashion preference.

Adding to its appeal, these watches have modern styles and design perfect for matching your style. No matter what colors and types of clothes you wear, these watches can easily blend in and provide you with an accessory convenient for your day to day routine.

These watches are a perfect item for gifting a special someone, a family member or a friend. On any occasion, whether for a birthday or Christmas present or anniversary gift, etc., these watches are available for you to choose from.

Seiko’s History

Kintaro Hattori is the founder of the Seiko brand. He was only 21 years old when he opened a watch and clock shop in Japan, K. Hattori & Co. His shop operated as a trading company; in the beginning, importing Swiss-made watches. Soon he moved into wholesale and independent manufacturing.

When Kintaro Hattori reached the age of 31, he partnered with an engineer which paved the way for him to open the Seikosha watch factory, which is now the forerunner for his Seiko brand. Upon opening the Seikosha watch factory, wall clock production began. In 1895, the watch factory produced its first-ever pocket watch called the Timekeeper. In 1899, the factory produced nickel-plated alarm clocks, which triggered visits in the West to watch factories to inspect the latest machine tools.

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Kintaro Hattori was the son of a trader. He started as an apprentice in a clock shop on his journey to becoming a clockmaker. When Hattori was 17, he put up a sign “Hattori Clock Repairer” outside his house. At age 41, he became the largest watch and clock dealer in Japan.

Later on, Hattori came to know of the popularity of wristwatches and theorized that pocket watches would soon lose its appeal to the masses. Thus, in 1913, the debut of Laurel, a wristwatch, came to be. In 1915, Hattori was acknowledged for his contributions to the development of timepieces. Because of this, he earned the title as the King of Timepieces in the East.

Seiko’s Downfall and Comeback

In 1923, an earthquake struck Japan and caused the Seikosha watch factory to come to ruins. It halted the production of timepieces for a while. But Hattori’s determination pushed through despite the massive amount of money he had to spend to rebuild what he had lost. A year later, the very first Seiko watch with the name written on the dial came to be. Seiko is an abbreviation for Seikosha, which means “House of Exquisite Workmanship.” The year 1956 marked the launching of Seiko Marvel, the first watch designed with no influence from other watch movements coming from Switzerland or elsewhere.

In 1960, the First Grand Seiko was introduced. Seiko claimed this to be the best for accuracy and precision. This watch established the design codes that the other Grand Seiko watches adhere even until now.

Seiko watches are so well-made that the Imperial Household gives them as gifts. Today, Seiko watches maintained the quality that the people knew and loved.

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