Shed security guide – the best ways to protect your tools and tech –

The best ways to tackle shed security and protect tools and tech are easier to put in place than you think. Whether you own a compact 5 x 3’ shed or a larger outbuilding, its contents can be a candy store for burglars. A lawnmower, bicycle, paddle board, camping and DIY tools are just some of the big-spend items we may thoughtlessly store in the shed, which leaves them vulnerable to theft – and, in particular, to any burglars who love to paddle board. While there are always a few boxes of random ‘stuff’ stored in the shed that we secretly wish someone would come and take off our hands, the value of the other decent items really does add up. 

‘The average tools shed contains all of the tools an intruder would need to break into a home,’ says Kevin Van Der Steen, product manager at Somfy. ‘So whether it’s hammers, chisels or even ladders, make sure they are safely locked in your shed to avoid them being used for forced entries. Burglars can take less than a minute to use such tools to break into a home, so it’s important to be cautious.’


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