Shipping Container Sizes and Prices in UK

Time was when shipping containers were used for transporting goods. With the advancement of technology, shipping containers are used for various purposes. In the present era, there has been a creative expansion in the shipping containers. Nowadays, the shipping containers are highly used in developing innovative and cost-effective housing projects, to alleviate the expenses of construction, for fire fighting facilities, bulk refrigeration facilities and so on. Earlier, shipping containers were available in limited size. In the current age, you can get shipping containers in various sizes and prices. Before you make your mind to purchase a shipping container, you should know the sizes and prices of the shipping containers. What are the sizes of shipping containers? How much the shipping containers will cost in the UK? Let us know about the shipping container sizes in the following lines.

Availability of Sizes Of Shipping Containers

Innumerable sizes of shipping containers can be accessed from the online portals. Which size of a shipping container do you want? Let us have a quick glance over the sizes of shipping containers in the lines mentioned below.

  • 8Ft Shipping Container

If you want to purchase a standard size shipping container, then you should opt for the 8ft shipping container will be the best bet for you. The 8ft shipping container is vermin-proof and extremely clean. This size of shipping container makes suitable storage for several business requirements. The cost of the 8ft shipping container is approximately £1,595.00.

  • 20Ft Shipping Containers

One of the highly purchased shipping containers is the 20ft shipping container which is used for shipping purposes. This shipping container is perfect for one way trip export in distant regions. Many aid agencies use 20ft shipping containers. A large number of 20ft shipping containers are utilized mainly for storage reasons in the UK. The price of the 20ft shipping containers starts from £1,150 onwards.

  • 30ft Shipping Containers

If you are looking for shipping containers which can be used in larger industrial sectors, then you should buy 30ft shipping containers. This shipping container can tackle the storage of large-sized items. This shipping container comes with multiple air vents, 27mm marine plywood floor, several lashing points and a lock box facility. From agricultural sectors, chemical sectors to retail industries, the 30ft shipping containers are highly used. If you are thinking about the price of the product, then you will have to shell out £1,150 approximately for buying the 30ft shipping containers.

  • 40Ft Shipping Containers

One of the largest shopping containers is the 40ft shipping containers which are also known as “one trip” shipping containers. You can get new and used 40ft shipping containers. Apart from standard 40ft shipping containers, you can avail other types of shipping containers such as 40ft double end door containers, 40ft high cube shipping containers, 40ft bunded shipping containers, 40ft open top shipping containers and 40ft flat rack shipping containers. The cost of the 40ft shipping containers can be £1,275 approximately.

Make the best use of the shipping containers which you can access in various sizes. Pay affordable rates for the type of shipping containers you wish to use in the UK.

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