Shopping widowers, unite outside shops!

Before the advent of WAGs – Wives and Girlfriends of sportsmen – who have, indeed, encouraged so many partners to join their husbands or boyfriends to follow sports that earlier didn’t interest them, there was the football widow and her variants. While she is still not extinct, the football or cricket widow was left to spend family time alone since her partner was cavorting with a sport of his choice. But with the cultural establishment of WAGs and couples sports-viewing has been the parallel rise of the shopping widower. On Monday, Harsh reminded husbands and boyfriends in a tweet of the perils of accompanying their partners and then waiting till shopping was done. Goenka shared how his wife, after seeing him restless in a mall, snapped, ‘If Veer can wait for 22 years in jail for Zara, you can’t wait for 2 hours outside while I’m in Zara!’ The world’s largest apparel retailer may not be complaining, but thousands of men waiting outside shops can commiserate with Goenka.

This is not to say that all women with a credit card or payment app linger longer than either nature or retail economics may, in theory, allow. Being picky and choosy is the (predominantly female) emptor’s right. But might we suggest a separate ancillary industry that offers services and products to those (predominantly men) left waiting outside?


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