Should I Do Duct Cleaning Now?

Slowly by slowly, homeowners are understanding the importance of air duct cleaning. Due to this, the cleaning of the HVAC system is becoming more and more popular. One question that most homeowners want to get an answer for is; how often should I clean my HVAC system?

How Often Should I Do Duct Cleaning

Well, there is no defined timeframe as to when you should clean your air ducts as there is a myriad of aspects that come into play. However, some obvious signs will tell you duct cleaning is necessary. Besides, if you are not sure about the right time to clean your duct system, consult with Comfort Clean for professional guidance. A professional can identify areas that need immediate cleaning and safe you the hustle of having to clean your entire HAVC system. For proper information, go to hvac technician guide.

1. Experts Recommend Duct Cleaning Every 3-5 Years

Generally, a homeowner should consider duct cleaning services after every three to five years. There is no defined formula on deciding when you should clean your HVAC system. However, this defined timeframe of three to five years, professionals obtained it after dealing with a wide range of systems. So, from their past cleaning experience handling a variety of HVAC systems, they were able to determine this timeframe.

If your HVAC system demands cleaning after every year, then this could be a sign of a bigger problem with your system, especially some of its components. In this case, it is recommended to call an expert to investigate your HVAC system and repair it rather than opting for duct cleaning services.

2. Contributing Factors

As noted earlier, there is a myriad of factors that can contribute to reasons why you should clean your air ducts. For instance, location is one of such factors. If you live in a dusty area, definitely you will need to do duct cleaning often compared to someone who lives in an area with low no or minimal dust. The climate also comes in handy in determining how often to clean your ducts.

3. Signs That Shows You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

The Filters Haven’t Been Cleaned In A Month

As a homeowner, if you want a cleaner home, you shouldn’t use air filters for more than a month without changing them. Air filters are trap pollen, dust, pet dander, and debris and if used for a long time, they can get choked up by these contaminants and fail. Once the air filters get filled, the contaminants accumulate in the conditioner itself, hence compromising its efficiency.

However, you shouldn’t always jump to changing your air filters always. You should consult with an expert to advise you on the best maintenance tips for your air filters in order to last for longer. With the right maintenance for your air filters, you can even change them after three months!

Presence of Mould Around The HVAC System

Dust can have detrimental effects on your health, but when it comes to mould, that is a new different game. Mould can increase allergies and other respiratory effects. The problem is that, if not checked, it spreads quite fast throughout the room, and that makes things worse. Apart from the health issues, it also brings terrible odour in your home and makes it unliveable.

If you notice mould around your HVAC system, consider air duct cleaning service as soon as possible. However, after dealing with the mould, you can ask your technician on the best precautions against excess moisture in your house since that is what causes mould. For instance, you can programme your thermostat or use a home dehumidifier to deal with excess moisture in your house.

Inconsistent Air Flow

Airflow is supposed to be consistent throughout all the rooms. If some rooms receive little airflow compared to others, then you could be facing a problem of dirty ducts. If well open, air flows consistently through the vents.

Duct cleaning can help get rid of the accumulated dust or debris in your air ducts and make them work as before.

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