Should I sell Quant Absolute Fund?

I invested Rs 15,000 in Quant Absolute Fund three months ago. It has been going down since the past two months. Should I stay invested for now or withdraw the money?
–Rishabh Kashyap

You have not shared details like your investment goal, investment horizon, risk profile, etc. Quant Absolute Fund is an aggressive hybrid fund that invests 65-80% in stocks and the rest in debt instruments. As you can see, these funds invest most of the money in stocks. The stock market has been under pressure because of both global and domestic problems like the Russian war, inflation worries, rate hikes, etc. The stock market is likely to stay in range or lose some more in the coming days.

You should invest in equity mutual fund schemes only if you are investing for the long-term. You should have an investment horizon of five to seven years to get better after tax returns. If you are not familiar with the basics of mutual funds or investing, seek the help of a mutual fund advisor. Do not expose your hard earned money to unnecessary risks. Gain enough knowledge and experience before investing on your own.


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