Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most important areas of development for your business. It’s the channel through which new people will discover your brand and the connective tissue that keeps your current customers engaged. If you invest in it, and consistently improve the quality of your marketing strategy, you’ll almost certainly see a positive return on your investment (ROI).

But many people aren’t able to see a positive ROI on their own, or they don’t know how to get started with a marketing strategy. These types of business leaders, and others, may consider outsourcing their marketing. But is this always a good idea?

The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

What are the benefits of outsourcing your marketing?

  • More time. Every minute an external firm spends on your marketing campaign is a minute you don’t have to spend on it. Delegating your marketing strategy to someone else frees up your time, allowing you to spend that time on big-picture thinking and other responsibilities to which you’re better suited.
  • Expert perspectives and ideas. Outsourcing your marketing often means working with experts. Leaders in marketing agencies tend to have years, if not decades of experience, and they’ll be able to come up with innovative ideas that may not occur to you. You might also get some insights as to where your previous strategies have gone wrong.
  • A full team of specialists. Business owners who make a handful of marketing hires tend to hire generalists—people who are vaguely skilled in a wide range of marketing areas. But in an agency, you’ll be able to call upon a team of dedicated specialists—people who are very skilled in specific areas. Specialists often work more efficiently and produce better-quality work than their generalist counterparts, though you’ll need more of them to cover all your needs.
  • Scalability. Marketing agencies tend to be highly scalable. You can begin working with them even when you have a limited budget or minimal needs and continue working with them as your budget and influence begin to accelerate in growth.
  • Flexibility. In line with this, most marketing agencies are highly flexible. They offer a number of different plans and packages, designed with every type of business in mind. And if you don’t find a plan or package that fits, you can probably customize one from scratch.
  • Consistent work. Outsourcing your marketing grants you access to much more consistent work. You won’t have to worry about your agency taking days off or going on vacation; when a staff member leaves, they can have another staff member sub in. And you’ll still get the high-quality, consistent work to which you’re accustomed.
  • Reduced overhead. Marketing agencies usually charge thousands of dollars per month for their services, at minimum, but compared to the overhead you’ll face from managing your own internal team, this is minimal. In many cases, outsourcing is the more cost-effective option.
  • Higher efficiency. Agencies and specialists also tend to be more efficient than their full-time counterparts. Because they have so much specialization and experience, they’re able to complete work faster—and still end up with a higher-quality finished product. This is especially important if you’re working with tight deadlines, or high pressure to achieve results.
  • Demonstrable results. Agencies are motivated to prove their results, so they can keep your business and win referrals. Accordingly, you’ll be presented with reports that showcase the measurable results of your strategy. You’ll be able to see, with evidence, whether or not your strategies are working.
  • Accountability. Again, agencies want to keep your business, so they tend to hold themselves accountable for mistakes, interruptions, and disappointing results. If your strategy begins to stray from the course, they’ll likely double down and do whatever it takes to restore your previous momentum.
  • Better ROI. The bottom line for marketers is usually your return on investment, or ROI. In other words, how much money are you making compared to how much you’re spending? Because of all the factors above, including relatively lower costs, higher efficiency, and provable results, outsourcing your marketing tends to leave you with a higher ROI in the end.

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

There are clearly many benefits to outsourcing your marketing strategy, but outsourcing isn’t the universally correct choice. If you have the resources to hire a full-time marketing team of your own, you may benefit from the direct sense of control, and from your marketing team’s ability to work with other departments more closely and collaboratively. There are certainly benefits to having your own in-house team—or even doing the work yourself.

That said, outsourcing tends to be the most cost-effective and long-term beneficial choice for most businesses. Just make sure you choose the right agency if you want to see the best results. 

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