Significant Reasons Why Buyers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Significant Reasons Why Buyers Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Online stores have been booming since the pandemic. Unfortunately, with the increase in demand, there is a surge in sellers for the same product as well. This creates fierce competition in the virtual world. Everyone is fighting for their online store to survive, one of the significant differences in the number of sales a store has. This can be better understood by the ratio of the people who click the add to cart Shopify option and the number who proceed with steps after that.

An online shopping cart isn’t like a real one, and that is why the abandonment rate for online crats can be pretty high. To improve the customers’ overall experience, create a user-friendly checkout environment and increase your sales, the store owner has to consider all the reasons why shoppers desert their cart in the first place. Once the cause is found, the owner can work on ways to fix that.

Here is a list of reasons why most buyers leave an online store on the checkout page. This can be a huge learning point for new startups who tend to make such mistakes or bigger businesses who caress such flaws without a clue.

Additional Charges

One primary reason why many people abandon their carts at the checkout is additional charges. Now, for many, discounts can seem quite lucrative, and they can undoubtedly lure a costumer into buying something they may or may not necessarily need. But the real magic happens after that.

If you want to reduce your deserted carts, it’s necessary to review your other charges, such as shipping, taxes, or any other additional funds. These may not be a lot but often seem like a lot to the customer. It is easier understood by a simple example that people will buy the same product worth a hundred dollars with free shipping rather than spend 80 dollars on the item and 20 for the shipping. Owners have to work their way around this dilemma.

Necessary Sign Up or Account Activation

We often stumble upon a site with fantastic deals. This forces us to add things to cart. Unfortunately, when we make it to the checkout, to make a purchase, the site requires you to sign up, and without that, you can’t purchase your products. This can lead many people to desert their carts as another form-filling may seem daunting.

One thing store owners should seriously look into, is creating a guest user option for such individuals. This makes them feel less prone to data loss and get their products without much hassle. The store owner thus would save the deserted carts by adding one additional option.

Slow Processing and Delayed Delivery

Another primary reason shoppers may be leaving on the checkout page is that your checkout pages take a lifetime to load up or calculate the charges. In addition, if a shopper finds that the items can’t be delivered in a few days they probably consider it not worth the wait. Make sure that your checkout pages don’t have any glitches and ensure swift delivery for your customers.

Limited Payment Options and Plans

Limited options for payment can be significant factors for buyers abandoning their carts at checkout. Many big sites often have a list of popular payment options. This includes credit and debit cards for all banks and other phone account wallets too. Ensure that your site is offering at least the most popular option for its users.


There can be many reasons for a buyer to abandon their carts, such as limited payment options, bad reviews, better prices at another site, slow processing, and so on. To run an online store efficiently, a business owner needs to sort out the checkout page. This can lead the site to have smooth sales.

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