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Simply Improve Your Rota Management

Running a business isn’t always easy. As an entrepreneur, you depend on the demand for your product and service. On top of that you have to keep the tally of your revenue and your expenses. Running a business with employees is even harder because in addition to all the other tasks, you´ll need to make sure to create the best working environment possible in order to help your business thrive and to create good working conditions for the employees.

It’s not easy to optimize the workforce without treading on someone’s toes. But it’s important to find that fine line, the overlap between your employees´ and your company’s needs. A fair rota system is the key to a healthy business with satisfied employers, and is not even hard to implement.

Simply Improve Your Rota Management

Three Elements We Need to Consider

In order to create a fair rota, there are various things to consider. Keeping track of every little detail can be hard, which is why conventional shift plans often fail. Papershift has developed a tool that considers important factors when creating a rota system. All you need to feed the tool with is the following information.


Of course, your staff members are the most crucial factor when it comes to organizing the workforce. Their working hours, qualifications and availability need to be taken into account. A good rota planner allows your staff to request leave or to apply for shifts. By responding to your employees´ needs, you´ll have less trouble with last-minute shift-exchanges or cancellations.


Time is always an important factor in the business world as it equals money. Overtime work hours and over-staffing are big cost drivers. Knowing how many hours of workforce you really need and when you need them is crucial for your business to thrive.


Customers are a great indicator of peak times and low times. In retail businesses, the majority of customers shop show up after work or on the weekends. So instead of working with a set and inflexible shift plan, figure out how many employees you need when in order to keep your customers happy – you don’t want them to wait for ages, and neither do you want them to feel awkward in an empty store with more employees than customers. The same goes for your staff: They´ll get bored if they´re too many during low times. And you don’t want them to get swamped at peak times.

Why is a Fair Rota so Important?

A fair rota complements your business. It helps you create a better work environment for your staff, and happy staff is not only more efficient, but usually happier. The better the work atmosphere, the better the outcome. These are the biggest advantages of a good rota system:

Three Benefits of a Fair Rota System

  • Getting the most out of your budget

A fair rota system makes for happy employees that enjoy work and that give 100% in their job. And more efficiency equals more money. Also, the rota helps you organize the workforce in a very reasonable way: You have enough staff there during peak times, don’t have to pay for over-staffing during low times and can react to leave times without abandoning a rigid shift plan.

  • A fair deal for every employee:

Even if you try not to do it, chances are that you´ll disadvantage certain staff members and favor others by organizing them in a fixed shift plan. Offering your employees the option of a fair rota enables everyone to get their fair share. That reduces frustration, resentment and imbalance.

  • Efficient mix of staff members

Some people work better when they’re under pressure because there is a lot going on. Others cannot handle that well and prefer calm shifts. Both kinds of staff members are important as they put their focus on different things. If everyone gets a chance to apply for shifts they love, the outcome will be a lot more satisfying for everyone involved.

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