Snapchat brings selfies into 3D with latest update – Sky News

Snapchat is taking selfies into the third dimension in the latest update to its photo-sharing and messaging app.

Having seen Instagram up its game with the addition of augmented reality effects, Snapchat will now allow users to shift the perspective of their pictures by physically moving their smartphone around.

The 3D options will be listed alongside existing filters, but they are only available on certain devices at the moment.

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People with an iPhone X or newer can download the update now, and those with other handsets will only be able to receive and interact with 3D photos rather than take their own.

If a 3D snap does land in your inbox, you can “bring it to life” by giving your phone a wiggle.

Andrew McPhee, senior manager for exploration at Snap Inc, said: “With the introduction of depth and interaction, Snaps can capture even more detail about how the world looks and how you feel.

“Together with our new 3D effects, this feature adds a new layer of expression to bring your snaps to life in a way that’s a step closer to the real thing.”

Girl in a jacket

The update has arrived on some phones a month after it was brought to the Spectacles 3, the Snapchat wearable that wirelessly syncs photos and videos captured by the glasses to the app.

Much like Google Glass, which aimed to bring smartphone-like functionality to a pair of glasses, the Spectacles have failed to take off in a major way since they first launched in 2016.

In 2017, Snap Inc admitted it had written off around $40m (£32m) in unsold stock of first-generation Specatcles.

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But the tech has been an effective testing ground for features that are later introduced to the main Snapchat app, which continues to attract an average of 203 million users every day.


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