Snapchat down: Server Status latest for Messenger app outage

Snapchat users are having trouble sending and receiving messages today, according to the latest reports.

Issues started to be flagged around an hour ago and are continuing to affect a small group of users.

The good news is that this doesn’t appear to be a worldwide outage, and that means the problems could be fixed soon.

But some users in the UK and United States do appear to be affected.

One Snapchat user reports: “I’m unable to send messages to multiple different friends.”

Another adds: “When I was logged in, my snaps were failing to send, then it booted me out, and now I cannot log back in.”

Problems with Snapchat sign-in appear to be dropping, but it’s unclear how long tonight’s outage might last.

Snapchat support services have yet to confirm what might be causing tonight’s connection issues.



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