Software Investments Every Nonprofit Needs

Software Investments Every Nonprofit Needs

Running a nonprofit organization for a cause that you’re passionate about, can be very rewarding. Seeing the smile on a child’s face when you help them or getting an embrace from a mother that desperately needed a hand can make all the difference in the world. That is the good stuff that keeps you going. The back end processes required for running a successful nonprofit, however, might not be as fun. In many ways, running a nonprofit corporation is like running a corporation.

Managing a nonprofit requires patience, dedication, hard work, and a great deal of organization. From planning fundraisers and effective marketing to compliance and stringent bookkeeping, there is no shortage of items on your to-do lists. Also, with more than 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States, you have to find ways to stay relevant and stand out in the crowd. To be successful and do the most good for your community, you might need some specific tools to grow and manage your nonprofit. Fortunately, there are several software investments that you can make to ensure success for your organization.


One of the most important assets your nonprofit organization has is human resources. From employees and volunteers to sponsors and vendors, no doubt your organization relies heavily upon stakeholders. With the number of people coming and going, it might be overwhelming to find time to schedule interviews, onboarding meetings, and other things.

With all that you have going on, finding time to sync up schedules and schedule these kinds of meetings can slow things down. This is why non-profits everywhere, from small grassroots initiatives to some of the largest organizations are turning to interview scheduling tools to help streamline their processes for hiring staff and recruiting volunteers. These platforms can help locate the best people and get them scheduled for a meeting with your organization. The growing HR tech industry offers numerous solutions to ensure your organization’s success.

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Another challenge that nonprofits are encountering today is with fundraising options. Organizations have had to become more creative and invest more time than ever in setting up and running successful fundraising campaigns. This is where a p2p network solution could step in to help set-up, launch, and manage a campaign. Peer to peer fundraising, P2P, is about more than just a single campaign, rather, it could be a solution that nonprofits use to enhance and manage long-term strategies.

One of the major advantages of peer-to-peer fundraising is that it relies on your supporters reaching out to their networks of contacts, friends, and family to contribute to your cause. It helps build trust in your brand and your cause. A P2P software solution can also grow your social media presence, market and promote events, and empower your stakeholders to take personal ownership of your organization’s mission. Employing a fundraising platform can elevate your giving campaigns and create brand recognition for your nonprofit.


After your organization has tackled some of the obstacles of handling people and fundraising, another major challenge you will need to address is financial management. Unlike regular corporations and businesses, nonprofits are not in the business of selling products or services for money. Instead, the focus for these organizations is on activities meant to benefit the public, the organizations’ members, or a specific group of people. From tax-exempt regulations to requisite financial reporting, the laws governing organizations such as nonprofits create a need for specific accounting methods and processes.

Very large organizations have entire account departments dedicated to ensuring compliance and financial transparency and accuracy. The majority of nonprofits may not be able to employ an entire department, however, and are turning to accounting software solutions. These software programs focus on the various forms of funding such as grants and donations that are common for nonprofits. A software solution can help simplify the complex tax and reporting requirements and allow you to focus on the larger mission of your organization.

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The goal of a nonprofit is to do the most good for the most people in need. Sometimes, however, the back-end tasks and requirements can weight down the overall process. As nonprofits are fighting for survival, in today’s market, simplifying processes and finding solutions could help streamline the organization. To help ensure success, nonprofits can make some investments in software solutions that help clear their biggest obstacles.

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