Solar Cooking Startup GoSun Adds Water Filtration To The Product Lineup – The Spoon

GoSun, a company that makes everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to solar-powered kitchen gear, has added, well, a kitchen sink as part of a new solar water sanitation product called the GoSun Flow.

Announced last week, is the GoSun Flow is a full solar or USB powered water sanitation system. Beyond the baseline product, which includes a pump, filter, water bank and solar panel, the Flow will have a number of upgrade options such as a sink and a shower that could make the Flow a complete away-from-home water station. The company will start taking orders in May for the Flow and prices for the baseline product will start at $139.

Adding water to the product mix makes sense for GoSun. The company was already providing cooking gear for campers and off-the-grid crowd and had started to add other products to the lineup over the past year including reusable portable cutlery and portable chillers. With a solution for water, the company makes their solar kitchen pretty much self-sufficient and adds a bath (or at least a shower) to boot.

If there is a company well-positioned in the cooking space to take advantage of uncertain times, it’s GoSun. Just as people have started panic-buying 25 pound bags of flour and rice at Costco to hunker down for the long-haul, GoSun can help the neighborhood doomsday prepper actually cook their food while being fully off the grid.

The company seems to agree now is their time. In addition to launching new products like Flow, GoSun is equity crowdfunding its next round of capital through StartEngine. They’re already raised $637 thousand and is aiming for $1.07 million at a $14 million valuation. Last year the company sold $1.5 million in product, so that puts their valuation at a somewhat rich 9 times revenue, but like I said, a company like GoSun is one of the few companies in the space that could benefit from the uncertainty.

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