Sole Bliss charms US with stylish comfort footwear for bunion sufferers

Owned by accessories expert Lisa Kay and her husband Roger, the London business made some nifty moves to refocus its trade and open a New York hub after post-Brexit exporting struggles. These added £70 in duties to each pair sold and wiped out its European customer base. 

Its footwear, made from ethically sourced leathers handcrafted in Italy and Spain, offers luxurious underfoot cushioning, a stretch panel and broad fittings. The market includes some 10 million women in the UK and 45 million in the US. Fans include Dame Helen Mirren and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Sole Bliss’s Miracle trainer has pulled off the rare feat of combining fashion and health benefits, relieving the agony of bunions and plantar fasciitis – inflammation of the arch and heel, says Lisa.

“US sales made up for the EU loss and we also saw an uplift from the shift to buying online. Our free service gives customers confidence to try in the comfort of their own homes.

“Fewer women now want to undergo bunion surgery, recovery is long and bunions can grow back. We offer exceptional comfort for wide feet too. Our boots range is doing very well too. Our growth potential is huge.”

Sole Bliss is now in talks with America’s largest online shopping platforms and fashion distributors, one preferred partner would be department chain Nordstrom and it also plans to open stores in four states. 


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