Specifications To Consider Before Buying A Hedge Trimmer

Specifications To Consider Before Buying A Hedge Trimmer

We cannot deny the help we get from hedge trimmers to shape bushes in our garden. Nevertheless, if we fail to purchase the best one, we may not be able to get the results we desire. Cutting overgrown shrubs is a great deal. For keeping bushes in proper shape, you must buy the best hedge trimmer.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

Nowadays, a wide variety of hedge trimmers are available in the market.

  • Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are the smallest and the cheapest one. They are suitable to be used in small lawns. However, too many cords sometimes create a nuisance.

  • Petrol Hedge Trimmers

These shapers are powerful for tackling dense growth. You can easily carry them but require much maintenance.

  • Battery Hedge Trimmers

Trimming your bushes without noise is possible only with battery hedge cutters. Such shapers are portable, although they must be recharged frequently.

Features to Take into Account Before Buying Hedge Trimmers

You must consider the following factors before you decide to buy a hedge trimmer.

Length of the Blade and Gaps

Always note the size of the hedge before buying one. The way you spruce shrubs depends upon blade length. Blades of 45 to 60 cm are suitable to cut bushes of average size. For denser shrubs, a blade length greater than 60 cm works the best. Greater gaps between blade teeth help in cutting a large number of bushes at a go. For thick hedges, blades with large gaps are appropriate.

  • For small hedges, blade length must be lower than 46 cm.
  • Medium-sized bushes need a blade size of 47 to 56 cm.
  • Large shrubs require a blade span greater than 56 cm.

Check its Weight

Trimmers are available in varying weights. You must try to hold the trimmer before you decide to buy it. It will help you to choose as per your preference, thus ensuring that you purchase the best hedge trimmer.

Are They Safe?

If your bush shapers are unsafe, then it can be your worst nightmare. Thus, always consider its safety features like automatic brake and handguard before you decide to buy one. Handguards will save your hand from falling debris while automatic brakes stop blades whenever required.

Area of Your Lawn

Lawn size less than 100 yards can be shaped with an electric bush shaper based on the location of the power source. Although for lawns greater than 100 yards and has a few obstructions, a petrol-powered cutter is preferable.

Frequency of Its Use

Even if you buy the best hedge trimmer but fail to estimate the regularity of its use, you might not excel. Cheap models are suitable if the incidence of use is low. Conversely, frequent use demands a professional cutter that can save your money as well as money over a stretch.

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Go ahead, choose one, and revamp your garden!!

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