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Speeko project launches, investors can buy green crypto-mines in Africa – Augusta Free Press

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Diversifying the digital investment portfolio is possibly the biggest life-changing action one can take in 2021.  New cryptocoin ICOs are coming in October such as SafeTitan and Antex.  On top of this, there’s the new NFT Craze, like the horses of DeRace and music of 3LAU aka Justin Blau. However, the most stable form of earning by some accounts is crypto mining.  As cryptocoins have become more used, so has the need for efficiency of their production.  A solution for that demand is SpeekO, who’s officially launched their investment club to give anyone the opportunity to own cryptocurrency mines.

Green: Clean energy crypto-mining

Why take ownership in a mine?   Anytime crypto coins are made, the digital currency mines are the first in-line to profit.  It’s the most stable profit source within the cryptosphere for investors.

The biggest fuss about this process however has been the massive amounts of power consumption and ‘dirty energy’ supply.    This issue was brought to front headlines this year when mega crypto-influencer Elon Musk denounced Bitcoin, calling it a dirty currency.   The  rumors of excessive power consumption were a direct contradiction to what his Tesla brand stands for, forcing him to stop accepting the premier token.

Since this debacle however, great strides have been taken to clean up rumors. And not only that, companies have placed an increased focus on renewable or ‘green’ energy sources. Many of these news companies are  privately owned however.   This is something that one company hopes to change.

Participating in country’s movement towards cryptocurrency

SpeekO has made a partnership that takes a forward stride into a mutually beneficial relationship with  the country of Zambia to further progress into the digital currency sector. The Europe-based company connected with technology and ecology professionals who have progressive interests in cryptocurrency.   The partnered group has broken ground on crypto-mining farms in one of Africa’s most economically and politically stable countries, nicknamed ‘the air conditioned state’  for its ideal weather.

These token producing farms will focus on clean energy of course.   Judging by the website, two sources of renewable energy shall be used to power the project.   SpeekO’s mines will take advantage of two of the African country’s overlooked and undervalued natural resources,  Sunlight and water.   And along with these, the third energy source  of biomass.

Tech wise, the UK-Zambia partnership will require a total of 1500 ASIC & GPU miners  (computers) to handle token production.  These computers will heavily rely on energy supplied by solar panels and hydro biomass.   And the devices will be paired with custom firmware to maximize performance without over-consuming power.

According to SpeekO official website,  a renewable energy company from Zambia is currently negotiating a contract to supply power at reduced rates.   This deal is based on SpeekO’s  guaranteed compliance to use the utility company’s service long term.   And by ‘long term’ it’s presumably 10 to 20 years of service minimum.   Such companies usually offer contracts that have  a duration of 1 decade minimum.

These energy savings will help produce higher profit yields on coins produced.  And For those investing in such projects, profit and sustainability are the two most important points of business.

Crypto-investors to see industry leading ROI

While most cryptomine companies are private, there are a few which allow public investment.  Hut 8 is one of those and has since launched an IPO which brought stock investors over a 1000% return on investment.

SpeekO looks to duplicate such success and possibly become an even larger company. A goal of the United Kingdom-Zambian partnership is to become the biggest crypto-mining farm in Africa.

Greater than those goals however is the mining company’s goal to share the wealth with investors.  SpeekO not only wants to create the biggest profit margins within the clean energy cryptocurrency mining sector, but also lead in returns on investment.

The individuals that join the crowd funding into the brand’s current startup phase will be rewarded with 80% of all-profits generated. By ‘profits,’ this means the money left over after energy, physical location fees, re-investment into hardware, and third party services are paid.     And this 80% figure is one of, if not the highest profit percentage returned to crypto-investors of any public-funded token mining farms.

The remaining 20% will be split among Speek’s staff and private investors.

SpeekO is currently engaged in building relations with Africa’s influencers.  The crypto-mining farm brand seeks to become synonymous with those using and creating digital currency for citizens of South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and of course Zambia.

How to invest in crypto-mine

The opportunity for the public to invest in the Speeko’s crypto mine farm will be determined by public interests.   Unlike many cryptocurrency ICO’s  and mine crowdfunding events, it has endowed private investors.  Because of this, the UK-Zamibian partnership’s project is not totally focused on the initial equity crowdfunding launch.

The SpeekO rypto-mines farm in Africa will open public investment opportunities only after 1,000 crypto-investors are registered on their official website to participate.

Once there are over 1K users registered, interested crypto-investors will have the opportunity to buy ‘shares,’ with no limits on minimum or maximum.

As it’s not a cryptocoin, Speeko’s initial equity crowdfund offering has no need for whale controls nor rug-pull restrictions.   A crypto-mine only makes it’s gains from growth of production and addition of hardware, software, and green energy.

When SpeekO’s equity crowdfunding opportunity opens, all users registered to their website will be notified. This notification will come through email or text.

Those registered will have a predetermined amount of days to transfer funds.  It’s speculated users will have 30 days to invest.

Story by Carolina Douglas

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