Sputnik vaccine to cost less than $10 in India, nod likely soon

Mumbai: Russian Development Investment Fund (RDIF), which is backing the Sputnik V vaccine, on Thursday said it expects to register the vaccine in India soon and will price it at less than $10 per dose. Kirill Dimitriev, chief executive of RDIF, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, told ET that the price of the Sputnik V vaccine is a fourth of what mRNA vaccines with over 90% efficacy cost.

“We believe that you know there needs to be equal access, equal pricing to all of the countries without any sort of changes. Now this price is one-half to one-third of other vaccines that have efficacy of more than 90%,” Dimitriev said. “So vaccines of Moderna and Pfizer with over 90% efficacy are double and triple the price of our vaccine.” Sputnik V has been developed by Russia’s Gamaleya Institute, which is backed by RDIF. The vaccine uses two adenovirus vectors which, RDIF said, gives better efficacy. The company is also doing trials with AstraZeneca on this vaccine.

RDIF told ET that its pricing point makes sense considering the storage requirement is +2 to +8 degrees Celsius for stability of the vaccine, which is important for logistics. Hyderabad-based Dr Reddy’s is conducting the clinical trial of the vaccine in India and it went into phase 3 stage earlier this month. The company is expected to file for emergency approval by early March. On Thursday, the UAE and Hungary registered the vaccine in their countries, with Hungary becoming the first EU nation to do so.


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