The state pension age is the age at which a person is able to claim the state pension. It’s up to the individual as to whether they do claim the payment from this point, or whether they instead opt to defer the state pension. The state pension age has been rising in recent years. Changes to the state pension age for women have been made under the Pensions Act 1995 and the Pensions Act 2011, meaning the state pension age for women increased form 60 – reaching 65 in November 2018.

Now, the state pension age is rising for both men and women. It is set to reach 66 for both sexes by October 2020.

November 6, 2019 is the date of when people with the date of birth between April 6 1954 and May 5 1954 reach state pension age.

This means that depending on when they were born in this time frame, their state pension age will range from 65 years and seven months, and 65 years, six months, and one day.

Following this group, the next affected will be those born between May 6 1954 and June 5 1954.

They will reach state pension age on January 6 2020.

It is set to rise from 66 to 67 between 2026 and 2028, under the Pensions Act 2014.

Under the Pensions Act 2007, the state pension age for both men and women will rise from 67 to 68 between 2044 and 2046.

It’s possible to check a person’s state pension age online, using the “Check your State Pension age” tool.

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In addition to finding out when they’ll reach state pension age, the tool also allows users to check their Pension Credit qualifying age and when they’ll be eligible for free bus travel.

It is required to enter one’s date of birth as well as state whether they’re classed as a man or woman in order to check one’s state pension age via this tool.

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